Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oink, Oink

Ok Blogging Tories, I read today that your beloved government wants to give some pork to Quebec City, but knows that if it does so, it will offend its western enablers. So, its solution seems to be to pay off the west, with pork of its own. My question to you is, the Conservatives are different from the Liberals how? Is it that they throw pork at you as well as Quebec, or that their pork is slow cooked, rather than oven baked? I would be fascinated to hear your ideas.

Oh, and as an added bonus, read this. It sounds like the Conservatives are promising Quebecers money, in exchange for votes. Again, how is this different from the Liberals? And, I thought we were entering a period of fiscal restraint? Where is this government largesse going to come from?
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  1. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Harper may not need additional Quebec seats to get his precious majority, however, he can't afford to lose the ones he does have. The majority of those seats, as you know, are in and around the Quebec City area. If Harper doesn't fund, Mayor Regis Labeaume would most certainly put on an anybody but Harper campaign in the region. As a populist, most would certainly listen to Labeaume. The ABH campaign would most certainly lead to even more Bloc seats, as they're the second place party in those areas.

    Even if Larry Smith were to take Lac St-Louis (a very real possibility)from Francis Scarpaleggia, it wouldn't make up for potential seat losses in the Quebec City area.

    As for the west, particularly Alberta, the heartland of Reformatory, well, they'd huff and puff for sometime, but in the end, they'd still vote for Harper.