Monday, January 24, 2011

Harper Is Canada. Canada Is Harper?

The transformation of Stephen Harper into a downmarket Pierre Trudeau is now complete. This is shaping up as Harper's "The Land is Strong" election.
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  1. Ah, you see it too?

    So you think that Ignatieff may come within a couple seats of knocking Harper off?

  2. I am not willing to go that far, although if that is all Harper has to offer, it may be closer than one would suspect at the moment. I find it fascinating that the same people who hated Trudeau for his arrogance, love Harper (who shares with Trudeau a disdain for those disagree with his "brilliance"); while those who loved Trudeau, hate Harper as a usurper (even though Trudeau was the very definition of a usurper). Since I never voted for either gentleman (I hated Trudeau as a sellout and you know how I feel about Psycho Steve), I think they are mirror images of each other.