Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Canadians and Americans Are Very Different Peoples

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

We may eat the same food and drive the same cars. We may like the same sports and watch the same TV shows. But, at the core of our cultures, we are so different as to be strangers to each other.
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  1. The video you posted for exhibit b is no longer available. Could you summarize it for us?

  2. It's definitely a different culture.

    Mind you, also it's Arizona.

    Their response to the shooting is to push for even looser gun laws.

    The Northeast thinks much more like you do, Greg.

  3. The Northeast thinks much more like you do, Greg

    Except maybe in New Hampshire?

  4. Except NH, of course.

    Actually, Vermont is very gun-libertarian, too -- no need for a concealed-carry permit there, as all adults have the right.

    Mind you, they're outnumbered by the rest of the country -- apparently 72% say stricter gun laws wouldn't have prevented it.