Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good God

Many thoughts after reading this headline, this morning: Cannon and Baird next in line, if Harper were to die. First, is this a joke? Second, this is Harper's best insurance against assassination. Finally, it reads like the lineup for the world's smallest parade: two clowns and no floats. Jebus, I need a coffee.
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  1. It's also silly. Misunderstanding of the system.

    If Harper keeled over, the Tories would hold a leadership vote -- either a snap convention, or a parliamentary caucus vote (how the Liberals got Ignatieff). That's how our parties really work.

  2. If Harper died we could have him stuffed and left on permanent display along with his other collections of photos with the queen and other splendid people. Perhaps a refrigerated glass coffin to be on display in the Calgary town square. Cannon and Baird next in line? What, married, as the first openly... couple to govern the country?