Friday, December 03, 2010

They Call It Democracy

Many of my friends are upset over the near death of C-12 -- and rightly so. It is a disgrace that this country does not have representation by population. It is long since passed the time for reform, but reform will never come as long as the existing parties are beholden to rural Canada for power. But, rural Canada is so over-represented in the present configuration of the Commons, that the parties will always be beholden. It is a classic catch 22 and urban Canada is being screwed by it.

It is time to start a new party, one not based on the farm, but in the city. It is time for an urban party that looks out for urban interests first. It is time to jettison the dead weight of the old, rural dominated parties and declare, ENOUGH!
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  1. Yeah, that was a pretty poor show by the three major parties on rep-by-pop.


  2. From you and the Toronto Sun: