Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Am All For Subways

But I thought the reason why Toronto went the LRT route was because no one wanted to fork over the money for Subways (which are many, many times more expensive). If Rob Ford can squeeze blood from the senior government, he will be celebrated in song (but only if he can convince the province to eat all of the penalty costs for canceling the LRT). Color me doubtful. Dalton has a way of weeping for you, while he is slipping you the shiv. Besides, is it even reasonable for the city of Toronto to tell the province to cough up more money for transit and pay for the penalties, because Rob Ford hates LRT's?
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  1. Well, if the McGuinty Liberals are smart, they would tell the purple faced monster something like this: "You told the voters you would 'end the gravy train', well, we're ending your's. Practice what you preach!"

  2. My one quarrel with the Ford subway plan is that it's going the wrong way.

    Toronto needs a subway to Pearson.

  3. A Sun columnist is saying Eglinton cross-town. Once you open something like this up, everyone has their own pet alternative.

  4. No, that's exactly the line needed:

    West along Eglinton from Yonge (or from Eglinton West Station, if budget demands), ending at Pearson.

  5. That's in Transit City already: LRT from Kennedy station, across Eglinton (underground from Don Mills to Black Creek) and on private right-of-way to Pearson. And Ford wants to walk away from $140 million already spent, plus millions of dollars in cancellation fees, to finish a stubway that has far more capacity than will ever be used.

    This man is like Ottawa's Larry O'Brien on acid. He's also burning through is political capital extremely rapidly (notice how he left Karen Stintz, his choice for TTC Chair, out to swing? She wasn't even invited to the meeting with the TTC General Manager). He's all but assuring his defeat in four years time. The problem is, how much damage can he do in the interim?

    For more commentary on this, see this