Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How Stupid Is Kelly McParland?

Read this paragraph from his latest offering and decide for yourself:
Boo-hoo. Mr. Vaughan is probably right about downtown Toronto continuing to make its voice heard, but with luck it will mostly be at Starbucks on Yonge Street when councillors with time on their hands get together to complain about how nobody wants to talk about bicycle lanes and windmill-powered public toilets any more.
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  1. Really fucking stupid I'd say. I hope Rob Ford falls on him.

    (I'm a regular Tom Flanagan, ain't I?)

    wv = depig

  2. (I'm a regular Tom Flanagan, ain't I?)

    I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  3. Toronto's plenty powerful.

    The PM's chief of staff is from Toronto. The PM is from Toronto. Jim Flaherty was a downtown Toronto lawyer (hung out his own shingle!) before going into politics. Peter Van Loan was another Toronto lawyer and adjunct U of T prof.

    Rob Ford is from Etobicoke. McGuinty's lower cabinet ministers are from Toronto, and the two high-up ones who wanted to push him out are from Toronto (who now have flamed out -- one via mayoral election, the other via psycho bike courier).

    The GTA is a tremendously powerful region: whether you live downtown or in the suburbs -- that's a lifestyle choice! Do you want your loft apartment, or your backyard with a grill?

    That said, Adam Vaughan's silly. He opposes Ford's agenda, and declared that he'd be leader of the opposition on election night. Of course he's not going to be in the inner circle.