Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Ontario

Here is your kick in the balls, courtesy of Prime Minister Oil Sands. Time to form an Ontario First Party, I think. After all, Alberta has its own party, and Quebec has its own party, why not Ontario? Bah humbug.
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  1. Merry Xmas, Fester, you angry bastard. In the words of your verification code: Oveboey!

  2. Nah Ace, that was last week. This week it is bahbahbooey.

  3. Oh and Merry Christmas. Come back to Ontario before you need a passport. ;)

  4. There is such a party.

    It's called the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Mind you, it lost the battle of Ontario in 2008... there are fifty-one Tory MPs from our province.

  5. It's called the Liberal Party of Canada.

    I knew you would say that, but it tisn't true. They fancy themselves a "national" party. There is no nation anymore. We are only screwing ourselves in Ontario by believing there is. Alberta and Quebec have the right idea, fight for your own nation first.