Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stephen Harper

Still not a leader.
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  1. many Canadians think it best to let the rest of the world tie itself up in knots over alleged "anthro(whatever)ic climate change" while we wait and see where the chips fall - IOW, Steve, thanks for not leading down that blind alley

  2. "Many Canadians think.." is the mating call of the follower.

  3. ouch!...that left a mark ;-)
    might I re-phrase: "some Canadians think..."

  4. It depends on what you think he's trying to do.

    If you read that as, "as little as possible to restrict commerce and the oil sands," then he's being quite consistent.

  5. The Copenhagen treaties will do absolutely nothing to curb carbon emissions worldwide. None of the industrialized countries will move unless the USA does, and it won't move unless China does, and they won't move because they need to use cheap coal energy to keep their economy growing.