Friday, July 13, 2007

Let Me Get This Straight

The government's communications strategy on the war in Afghanistan is seen as propaganda by the public. The government knows this because a conservative polling firm has told them so. So, what is the government doing with this information? Is it changing its strategy in the war? Is it going to tell Canadians the truth about "the mission"? No, it is going to change its spin lines. It will be a prettier, softer spin, with 70 percent more smiles from Psycho Steve (although he may only be capable of grimaces).

All I can ask is, who paid for this? This poll looks like political advice to me. I sure hope my tax dollars didn't pay for advice on how to bullshit Canadians into accepting a wrongheaded strategy in Afghanistan, in order to aid the electoral prospects of the Conservative Party.

Update: The polling firm wants the government to concentrate on happy stories about poppy eradication. I guess this is not what they had in mind.
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