Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Generation Jones

I had never heard this term until yesterday. It used to describe those born between 1954 and 1965. It describes a "lost generation" who, although part of the "baby boom" identify as feeling separate from the boomers. I would identify myself as a "joneser". I remember the sixties, but was not allowed to stay up late enough to engage in protests. By the time I were old enough, the protests had been replaced by discos. I have always had a vague sense of having missed out. This is a common feeling among "jonesers". I am glad someone from my generation has finally said what we have all been secretly thinking.

Update: I think there are some real differences between American and Canadian "Jonesers". My generation was the Trudeau generation and Canada was not conservative during the 1970's. I would say my generation is more cynical than the boomers (because we did see them sell out, big time), but still cling to the hope and ideals of the Trudeau era.

Update 2:Meet the British Jonesers.
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