Thursday, July 26, 2007

Captain Tubby And Native Rights

The government convened the aboriginal affairs committee today. The official reason was to help the government pass legislation to extend human rights to natives. However, no one believes this to be the real reason. The government knew in advance they were outvoted and none of the opposition parties were going to change its votes. So, why did they waste everyone's time? Good question. One that the papers are already chewing on:
Others speculate that the Tories craftily put themselves in a position of being able to say that opposition MPs blocked their efforts to extend native human rights. This, as Conservatives have faced growing acrimony in recent months over what some native leaders say is hard-hearted aboriginal policy.
Captain Tubby sure is a political genius eh? Force the "leftists" to "block" their rights legislation and then hope like hell, no one bothers to ask the natives what they think about it all. Oh darn, the natives. He forgot about the natives.
A long line of native witnesses who appeared last spring before the committee almost unanimously called for proper consultation and more time to get ready, she noted.
Of course, Captain Tubby may have other motives aside from his usual deft political touch (that has his party at a whopping 31%!) as well. But as usual, he is not saying.
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