Thursday, July 05, 2007

Be Careful, English

The Dear Leader has a brilliant new approach to federal provincial relations. It is called the Amish Plan. Any premier who challenges orthodoxy (i.e. that Steve never tells anything but God's own truth), will be shunned. Wikipedia defines the purpose of shunning this way:
Shunning can be broken down into behaviours and practices that seek to accomplish either or both of two primary goals.

1. To modify the behaviour of a member. This approach seeks to influence, encourage, or coerce normative behaviours from members. It may, conversely, seek to dissuade, provide disincentives for, or to compel avoidance of certain behaviours. In this context shunning may include disassociation from the member by other members of the community who are in good standing. It may also include more antagonistic psychological behaviours (described below). This approach may be seen as either corrective or punitive (or both) by the group membership or leadership, and may also be intended as a deterrent.
2. To remove or limit the influence of a member (or former member) over other members in a community. This approach may seek to isolate, to discredit, or otherwise dis-empower such a member, often in the context of actions or positions advocated by that member. For groups with clearly defined membership criteria, especially criteria based on key behaviours or ideological precepts, this approach may be seen as limiting damage to the community or its leadership. This is often paired with some form of excommunication.

No word will pass between Steve's glorious, pouty lips, to the evil doer in question. No invitations to Steve's parties will ever be issued. No more barn raisings for Rodney, Danny and Lorne.
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