Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Note To Evangelical Christians

From the Globe today:
Political scientist Roger Gibbins, head of the Calgary-based Canada West Foundation, said he doesn't think Mr. Harper has a lot to gain from implementing the anti-abortion or anti-gay-marriage agenda.

As a matter of fact, he believes that Mr. Harper has effectively put an end to the gay marriage issue by holding a free vote on it earlier this fall.

Although skeptical at the outset, Prof. Gibbins now believes the vote will effectively put an end to arguments that the government plans to go back to the old definition of marriage at a later date.

He also believes the Prime Minister doesn't necessarily have to start delivering victories to the Christian right because those voters typically have no other party to go to, at least not now.
The Tory Party is laughing at you. I can hear them now. "Go ahead, be mad. Who cares? It's not like you are going anywhere." They are almost as predictable as they think you are. Prove them wrong. Don't be chumps.
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