Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Whose Interest

This quote from an "analyst" in the National Post this morning shows clearly in whose interest the Conservatives are acting in its dispute with the wheat board:
David Newman, an analyst who follows agribusiness at National Bank Financial, said the removal of Mr. Measner suggests the government is serious about fixing what many observers feel is a flaw at the Wheat Board.

As it stands, Western farmers get to elect 10 of the 15 members of the agency’s board of directors, and so far they have been choosing mostly pro-monopoly candidates. But Mr. Newman says that’s because votes are skewed in favour of small growers under the current one-farmer, one-vote system.

“You shouldn’t be giving a hobby farmer the same weight as a as a large-scale corporate farmer,” Mr. Newman said. “There should be a fair vote.” If large-scale farmers were better represented, the Wheat Board would likely not have a monopoly on wheat pricing, he said.
Sure and why do we give average "hobby citizens" the right to vote in federal elections, when restricting the vote to the great and good would be much more efficient? That's a "flaw" in democracy I'm sure the Tories will get around to fixing eventually.
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