Tuesday, December 19, 2006

God Bless Us, Everyone...Except In Quebec

Stephen Harper's good friend and supremo at the National Citizen's Coalition, Gerry Nicholls, has created a meditation on Christmas miracles, in a light-hearted attempt at humour. Here is a sample of what Mr. Nicholls and his friends are laughing at this year:
Indeed, I am surprised there aren’t special interest groups out there protesting the lack of a National Miracle Program.

But would we really want to nationalize the miracle business? Would it really be in the best interests of the population to set up, say, a Ministry of Christmas Miracles in Ottawa?

I don’t think so. In fact, in the spirit of ideologically tainting Christmas, here is what I think miracles would be like if they were run by the Canadian government.

Miracles would be marketed by ad companies associated with the Liberal party.

There would be about 10 times as many angels as required to do the job.

Every other year the miracle-givers would go on strike to get a richer pension.

A disproportionately large share of the miracles would end up being performed in Quebec.
It goes on (and on) from there, but you get the idea. I wonder if Quebecers appreciate the humour in this piece? I wonder if Steve thinks it is a hoot, too?
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