Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Calling All Blogging Tories

So, the party in power breaks the political finance laws, stonewalls for months and then admits it did it, during the dead zone between Christmas and New Year's Day. In any other year, with any other party in power, the BT's would be howling for blood. Let's see what they do, now that it is God's party that has broken the law. My bet is, the two common stances coming from that corner will be silent acquiescence and the classic "everybody does it" defence.

Btw, my favorite part of the official Tory defence comes in this line:
The Conservative Party of Canada does not believe that delegate fees paid to cover the basic costs of a convention should be subsidized by taxpayers through the political tax credit system," says a letter accompanying the receipts.

"However, we have recently been advised that Elections Canada takes the position that the amount of a convention fee paid by a delegate, less the value of certain `tangible benefits' received such as meals, are to be treated as a political contribution by that delegate."
It's like me saying, "While I don't believe that driving drunk with my pants down is a crime, this policeman disagrees".
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