Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When Corporate Lackey's Attack

It is interesting that the Conservatives are attacking Brian Topp for being friendly to unions. It just underscores the Conservatives utter lack of concern for working people or the conditions under which they work. Unions have played the most crucial role in the elevation of the working class to something resembling middle class standing, and for the elevation of workplace safety. But, this matters not one whit to the Harperites. It is quite evident that the Harperites would rather have workers represented by no one, so they could enjoy all the benefits of those lucky enough to be working in factories in China.

Update: As Pogge points out, there are other, more legitimate, things to criticize Topp for. It goes to show that union bashing takes precedence over democratic values for the Harperites.

Update: With news like this, perhaps the Harperites should explain why we don't need unions.
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  1. The on-going attacks on unions are indeed worrisome, as the right-wing plays upon widespread public ignorance of working conditions before their advent. Particularly vexing is the oft-heard refrain that unions once had a purpose, but are unnecessary today. Your post is a timely reminder of what the future holds if the right-wing agenda is allowed to proceed unimpeded.

  2. Also politically stupid as usual, since IIRC well over 50% of Canadians have a positive image of the labor movement according to a recent poll. Harper's so obsessed with nailing down that 40% that he'll never make it to 50%.