Monday, September 19, 2011

Shorter Lisa Raitt

Strikes are now considered illegitimate and will be crushed by our government.

The real quote is just as ominous: "Any work stoppage would negatively impact Canada's economy and threaten our fragile economic recovery,"
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  1. Fragile economic recovery? I thought that the awesome Super-Conservative-Man powers of Flaherty and Harper had made Canada an "island of economic stability". I wish we were in federal election season again so we could continue hearing all those nice things about the country.

    But no, we get Stalin threatening the workers, saying that if they try to get a better wage, the State will dictate one even lower than they receive now. And if they still choose not to work? The KGB will come around and throw them in the gulag. (or fine them outrageous amounts of money daily)

  2. And it's only day one. Keep your heads down and your powder dry.