Sunday, April 25, 2010

Open Letter To Jack Layton

Dear Jack,

Long time, no speak. There is a rumour going around that you are thinking of whipping the vote on the long gun registry. Is this true? Don't get an old guy's hopes up, if you are just teasing. I hope you are serious and are ready to stand up for what you know is right.

I know this isn't easy, what with the Conservatives playing American style pressure ads in rural ridings, but this alone should be enough for you to crack the whip. The idea that this is somehow a free vote is just absurd. The Conservative Party is playing games, as it always does, with the truth. The truth is, this is a government bill in all but name. It has the support of the government and the governing party is spending vast amounts of advertising dollars, bullying opposition members. My rule of thumb is, if the governing party has to spend millions on advertising, to pressure opposition votes, it is not a free vote. Call bullshit on this free vote and make your members stand and say no.

Finally, the NDP stands for gun control. Like it or not, this gun registry is part of the regime of gun control in this country and the police seem to agree it is necessary. That does not mean it can't be improved, but you don't improve a structure by burning it to the ground. Propose amendments to the registry, but support the registry itself. You may lose members over this, but that is the nature of democracy. You can comfort yourself by knowing that the votes you may lose in rural ridings probably were never yours in the first place. You can also comfort yourself, by knowing that people like me, will be more willing to give your party another look, if it stands up for something we care about.

Please think about it and for God's sake do the right thing, both for your party and for the country. Support gun control Support the long gun registry.
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  1. Oh horrors, the Tories are running issue ads!

  2. On a "private member's bill". If they are going to do that, why treat the bill as anything but government policy? Fair is fair.