Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Four Horseman Alert

Lord save us all. I agree with Lorne Gunter.
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  1. Yes, but interesting how he goes the entire column only talking about province-by-province issues, and never urban/rural representation issues?

    Toronto proper has a population of 2.48 million and 23 ridings. The Canadian average is 70,954 people per riding; Toronto has 107,826. That's a vote dilution factor of 0.66, rather worse than ``B.C. ridings are the worst off at 0.90''.

    Torontonians are starting to get a little p-o-ed at having their votes count for 2/3 of that of the average Canadian.

  2. What should be done? Maybe a broadly worded amendment to the constitution affirming that Canada should be rep-by-pop, setting a number of MPs (I'd say 350) and mandating reapportionment every decade after a nationwide census.

    Pass that through parliament, and _dare_ the provinces not to ratify it.

  3. Jon, that is very true.

    Ben, we should live so long to see that.

  4. Greg - Seriously, make it as simple as possible. Fifty words max in the amendment. Let the provincial politicians try to argue why they are more equal than their fellow citizens. Only the Quebeckers would have the sheer gall to keep on at it after that.

    That's what I would do. Might even call the amendment the "Restoring Canadian Democracy Act". Tell them that if they want regional representation, well, that's what the upper chamber is for, in western liberal democracies, and it's time for them to stop dragging their feet on Senate reform.