Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Ottawa The New Jerusalem?

It is often said that Israel has no foreign policy, only domestic policy. It seems the Conservatives are importing that governing philosophy into Canada. The government, by announcing that it is not going to fund abortions overseas (while doing so at home, but shhh), is using foreign aid policy as yet another means to shore up its base. If it can use abortion and the "non-opening" of the abortion debate as another wedge issue, so much the better. But, you had better not suggest that this is just more cultural warfare on the Conservatives' part. They don't engage in culture war. Don't you know that, you leftard?

Almost Instant Update: I guess no one has to ask what the Conservatives would do about domestic abortion if they ever got a majority.
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1 comment:

  1. Well, that's what Ignatieff and Rae's abortion resolution was about, wasn't it?

    Which, they found, gave the Tories an out and drove a wedge right into the Liberal caucus.

    It'd be interesting to see abortion become more of a voting issue -- some people who now vote CPC would probably have to vote Liberal or NDP. And some people who vote Liberal would probably have to vote CPC.

    My money's still on Harper being moderately pro-choice.