Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liberals Getting Set To Move A Motion Of Non-Confidence

Unfortunately, it is aimed at the NDP and Bloc, rather than the government. Meanwhile, Stephane Dion allowed his Scarborough Gang to vote with the government on a private member's bill that will outlaw abortion, by stealth. Just when I thought the Liberals might, just might, get their act together.

As a side note, take notice of the tone of the CP report on the Liberal motion. The contempt for these clowns is getting harder and harder to hide.
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  1. Off topic, Greg, but I'm upgrading the Waterloo-Wellington Bloggers Association. You're automatically a member. I have a new blogroll code that uses Google rather than Blogrolling, and I was wondering if you could add it to your template?

  2. Now, on topic: so what does this mean? Is this a Liberal motion of non-confidence that also takes swipes at the NDP and the BQ? If it passes, do we have an election?

    If I were the NDP and the BQ, I'd abstain, and suggest that the Conservatives abstain too. That way, we'd get the sight of the Liberals rushing in to defeat their own resolution. Similarly, when the NDP motion of non-confidence comes to a vote, if I were Harper, I'd tell the rest of my Conservative caucus to stay away, so we'd have the sight of the Liberals rushing to their seats to defeat the NDP motion.

    Of course, that assumes that the Conservatives _want_ an election, but recent moves suggest to me that they're almost as afraid of going to the polls as the Liberals are.

  3. It almost makes me pine for the days before democracy.