Friday, March 14, 2008

2011? Did We Say 2011?

Cuz, we meant 2013 and that's at the earliest. Hands up, those of you who think that if Bush NATO asks Canada to sign on, Harper will refuse? And what will the Liberals do? Rub their chins, look serious, complain about how cruel fate is and then vote to extend, again.

Update: Don Martin at least, does not play the fool (unlike the Liberal Party):
Yet thanks to the unification of the governing Conservatives and the opposition Liberals yesterday, Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier can claim to have received a parliamentary morale boost for the troops.

Far from pulling out of combat and leaving Canadian troops armed with shovels and good intentions, the decision essentially endorses the status quo with a preferred emphasis on training and humanitarian work. (emphasis mine)
In other words, the decision means whatever the government and the military want it to mean. It is a blank cheque and believe me, the Tories will cash it. Our troops and the the taxpayers of this country will pay the price. Thanks Liberal Party.
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  1. Point of order -- George Bush is going to be gone come January.

    If anyone's asking, it'll be President McCain or President Obama, and that'll be in the next parliament after the October 2009 elections.

  2. The request will come in the next couple of months by the sound of it. Mr. Bush wants to hand the Dems a fait accompli.

  3. In the US both Democrats and Republicans want to stay in Afghanistan forever it seems. Sadly, I haven't got any indication that Obama or Clinton differ from McCain when it comes to Afghanistan.

  4. If anything, the Dems are more hawkish on Af'stan than the Republicans are -- if only (IMHO) to demonstrate that their desire to leave Iraq isn't reflexive pacifism. (Perhaps I'm too cynical.)