Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome Mr. Khan. Will You Now Swear An Oath Of Loyalty On The Bible?

I hope Wajid Khan has a thick skin. His new "friends" in the CPC do not like people of his "persuasion" all that much:
Here’s the ultimate symbolism of the change in power to the liberal Democrats in the U.S. following the mid-term elections: The first Muslim elected to Congress, Democrat Keith Ellison, a former ten-year member of the radical Nation of Islam, took his oath of office using Islamic Quran. No, not the Bible.

As I watched the swearing in of Canada’s new Conservative cabinet, during which each swore on the Bible and ended their swearing in with “ help me God”, I wondered if Ellison ended his with “ help me Allah”. Or “...yeah yeah whatever, Allah Akbar”
I'm sure Mr. Khan will have no trouble explaining to Muslims in his riding why he is hanging out with people of such obvious charm? Perhaps if any journalist sees this, he can ask Mr. Khan that question if Steve lets him speak tomorrow.
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