Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ibbitson's Barf Bag

Every time I read John Ibbitson, I get angry. He is one cynical, arrogant, SOB. His latest fishwrap is a case in point. Ibbitson takes the position that he is sitting above it all, looking down on the world and he "sees" the world "AS IT REALLY WORKS". Everyone else is a fool or a dupe, who lack his brilliance and clear sighted view of the world. He is Canada's answer to Tom Friedman.

Ibbitson posits that the U.S. will never change its stance on energy consumption, ever. Not in a million years. And as they are our eternal masters, we will never, ever do anything that upsets them. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable that the only two real parties in Canada lie to the population about what can be done. It is absolutely justifiable to say we will do something about global warming, when in fact we will do nothing. Then the fools and dupes and "common folk" will just get apathetic and lose the will to resist the "GLOBAL GEOPOLITICAL REALITIES" that only a genius like himself can see. Nice eh? It is an open call for the political elites to screw over the population in the interest of someone else. It is defeatism marketed as action as a means to discredit government as an actor for change. It makes me want to vomit.
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