Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jason Kenney, Minister For Tory Recruitment

I watched the return of Politics with Don Newman last night (political junkies everywhere heaved a sigh of relief at its return). I witnessed one of the most remarkable interviews I think I have ever seen on that programme. Jason Kenney was in the house and as always, he didn't fail to entertain. The link to the video is not yet up at the CBC site (the technicians must still be on holidays), but when it is I encourage you to take a look at the interview. It was truly amazing.

I have never before seen a minister appear on national television and be so open about his political purpose. I am a big boy and I know ministers are political animals, but usually they are subtle -- not our boy Jason. To hear Mr. Kenney, one would think his job title was Minister in Charge of Recruiting Miniorities to the Conservative Party. He didn't even bother to pretend otherwise. It was the most cynical political performance I have ever seen. Conservatives have always been suspicious that the Liberals used multiculturalism as a means of recruiting visible minorities. To come out and say that is exactly what his party was going to do was extraordinary and confirmed that our "New Government" is being run by people -- twisted by their hatred of all things Liberal -- into openly doing the evil things they believed the Liberals were doing in secret for years. I was left wondering, at the end of the interview, why the taxpayers of Canada were paying the salary of the chief recruiter for the Tory Party? I am sure others will be asking that same question today.

Update: The link is now up. The interview starts around the 24:28 mark.
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