Monday, April 09, 2012

Narrowcast History

Basta! Ok, I get it. Vimy was an important event in Canadian history. But, it wasn't the only one. Canada has other events to think about and share, this month. I am not so much concerned by the commemoration of Vimy, but in the way our federal government has turned our history into nothing more than war porn. It is presenting our complex history as nothing more than a series of old battles and wars fought in far off places. It is shortchanging Canadians by narrowing the historical narrative to one note and robbing them of understanding how interesting our history really is.
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  1. "a series of old battles and wars fought in far off places."


  2. Hardly the totality of our history. Agreed.

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  4. My father was there. His only "glorious war story" from that battle involved chopping off the feet of a German with a sharpened trench shovel. The German in question had his legs trapped in a collapsed bunker and it was a choice of doing that and having him probably die, or leaving him and having him certainly die.

    Still, the German in question was lucky. Other times, when prisoners got inconvenient, their unit just shot them.