Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living the Vida One Percent

The PM dropped $45,000.00 on a trip to New York on Labor Day. The PMO thinks it's cool to justify it by saying he reimbursed the treasury. But is it really? Do you have 45k to drop on a weekend trip to New York? The PM is paid well, but 45k on a weekend to New York well? If he does have that kind of discretionary cash on hand, it is no wonder he is out of touch with the realities facing the rest of us. If he had help from friends to raise the cash necessary for the trip, I think we deserve to know who they were and what they expect in return.

Update:Ok, now I see. Harper reimbursed the treasury only for commercial airfare to New York and you and I get to pick up the rest of the tab. It must be nice being the king.

Update 2: Even dropping 11k plus commercial airfare for one weekend is out of reach of most of us. It gives us more perspective on Harper's 1 billion dollar G8 weekend, doesn't it?
Update 3: Justin Trudeau calls the story "garbage" on Twitter, but he is of course an entitled one percenter himself. Born and raised.
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  1. I've always had the impression the Trudeau family was more like five-percenters. Well-off, living in a genteel neighbourhood, but hardly captains of finance.

    1. What percentage of the population can say "Grandpa was a millionaire and dad was PM"?

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