Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey Egyptians

If you want to know how a democracy works, don't look at the B.C. Liberal Party. Apparently, they believe that rural voters should get more votes than city voters. If Canadians want to know why our politics is screwed up, on the other hand, this is a textbook example. Making rural voters our masters ensures we are dominated by the concerns of a tiny minority of the population. It is a perversion of the idea of one person, one vote and an insult to the idea of democracy.
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  1. Oh, they moved to the same system the CPC has.

    It's a lousy system -- the CPC did it to hobble Alberta and empower Ontario and Quebec, to make the old PCers happier about joining with the old Reformers.

    What's the BC Liberals' excuse?

  2. They want to hobble Vancouver.

  3. Why does this country have so much trouble with one man, one vote, and rep-by-pop?

    See, this is what bicameral legislatures are for in a federation: you have one chamber for pure rep-by-pop, another for regional representation.

    Don't cheat!!

  4. I say get rid of the upper chamber. It's one person, one vote for me.

  5. Well, of course _you_ support that, you Upper Canadian, you.

  6. Upper Canada was good enough for my great great grandfather and it's good enough for me, God bless 'er.