Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fords Declare War On The Working Class

The Fords are dreaming if they think city workers will stand by and let themselves be pushed over a cliff, just so they can reach the bottom first. I admire the Fords in some ways, they are open in their belief that those at the top have too little money and those at the bottom have too much. At least they openly declare their bias toward the ruling class.
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  1. Nonsense. They haven't declared war on the "working class".

    They've declared war on the public sector.

  2. They, like all right wing populists, have only one interest, to pit one part of the working class against the other, in order to strip all of them of their hard-won benefits, in order to enrich their ruling class cronies. So there.

  3. The grammar nitpicker in me can't resist so...
    "Ford's" what exactly is declaring war? OK, I'll grant a typo.
    Those who did the "hard-winning' of benefits have long-since passed and the many who work today to pay for such benefits are envious. As far as I have heard, not yet an illeagal emotion. The battle over public benefits and pensions is only beginning. Grab yer helmets.

  4. Ford's what? I hesitate to say. Of course you are right. I will make the change.