Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Robert "Arar Must Be Guilty Because Someone Told Me" Fife Strikes Again

This time Bob was told that the Liberals concocted the wafer story:
Lisa, most of us will remember the story that went all around the world about the prime minister apparently not eating the host when he was at the funeral of former governor general Romeo LeBlanc. That story was first published in the St John Telegraph Journal which is owned by the billionaire Irving family. The prime minister hit the roof. Well, today, a grovelling apology from the paper. They said the story was not true. So what happened? Well, I'm told that the Liberals passed the story to young Jamie Irving who was the publisher of the paper. He passed it to the editor who put it in the paper without checking it out, and today the editor has been fired, and Jamie's father has suspended his son for thirty days, and I'm told the prime minister is pretty thrilled with that. (emphasis mine)
Who told Bob Fife it was all a Liberal plot? The Liberals? The Catholic Church? The Irvings? Or, was it someone in the PMO? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Update: Just to refresh everyone's memory. This isn't the first time Bob has been used as a helpful stenographer.
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