Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Question Is

Why was Stephen Harper (who is, not a Roman Catholic) taking Holy Communion in the first place? Surely, someone in his office should have known that that sort of thing is just not done. A non-Catholic can receive a blessing from the priest in lieu of receiving Holy Communion. The non-Catholic signifies his or her wish by folding his or her arms across their chest. Harper should have been briefed better. It would have save a lot of embarrassment all around.

Update: And if Harper did pocket the Communion wafer, there will be a shit storm.

Update: Weak justification of the day, from Dimitri Soudas:
Soudas said he doesn't see how Harper had a choice.

"I would simply say, 'Who is the prime minister to question a priest who offered him communion?'"
Um, he had a choice about whether or not to join the line for Communinion and he chose the former. Someone in your office fucked up big time, by not briefing Harper and made the boss look like a goof. Just admit it and move on.

Update: Here is the tape. Harper was in the first pew and the priest apparently approached the pew to hand out Communion (which is kind of odd, but whatever). Harper, if he had been briefed properly, should have asked for a blessing and all would have been well, but instead he reaches out for the wafer and then doesn't know what to do next. AWKWARD.

Update: Looking at the tape again, it appears as if Harper was, in fact, in line for Communion. Seriously, if that was the case, someone in his office needs to get a new job. Of course, it could be a case of not telling the boss something, because he "knows" everything.
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  1. They're aggressive in your churches.

    I went to an Ash Wednesday service with a friend, and meant not to take the ashes, since I'm not Catholic -- but I couldn't escape the priest.

    But yes, the signal for blessings must be taught to the non-Catholic (and non-other-denominations-who-can-take-communion) leaders...