Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oil Companies Need Some Patience

The U.S. is still somewhat of a democracy. Obama knows that he has to act like an environmentalist for another year. The oil companies will get their way, I am guessing, a few days after the election, next November.
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  1. Very childish, and I don't agree.

    Your disappointment with Obama for doing precisely the thing that you wanted him to do is palpable. And your predictions that the approval was a done deal make you look pretty damned stupid.

    You also fail to note that by kicking the can down the road past the date of the next federal election, Obama has challenged the left to elect a Senate and House of Representatives that will kill the project for good. If the American people don't come through here, there is little point ankle-biting Obama.

  2. Can't kick your base in the teeth on everything.

    Obama did surprise. (Alas!)

  3. Sunsin, I am never disappointed or surprised by anything Obama does. I expect nothing from him and he usually delivers.

  4. Also, Sunsin, "the left" doesn't call the shots in the Democratic party and the election laws in the US pretty much eliminates third parties. Corporate America owns Congress and the White House, the media and even the electoral infrastructure. Denying reality makes you look pretty naive, with your charming civics lessons.