Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Written Unselfconciously

By Susan Delacourt:
Though I have immense respect for all the presenters this morning, I found myself a little puzzled by their description of what they describe as conservatism. In fact, as they were rhyming off "generally ascribed" Conservative values, it seemed to me they could be describing Jean Chretien's philosophy to governing as much as Stephen Harper's. Question: Is this conservativism or pragmatism?
Don't you love it when liberal pundits fail to see the point sitting on the tip of their nose? Of course Chretien was a conservative. He was true blue (slash and burn cuts on the social side, lots of love for corporations). He was the prototype for the Harper government. That is what we on the left having been yelling for years. And yet, I get the sense, that she still doesn't get it.
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