Monday, June 23, 2008

Sounds Very Familiar

Dennis Perrin, who is quickly becoming a daily read around these parts, has this to say about those progressives who support the Democratic Party. Just for fun, as you are reading this, substitute Liberal Party of Canada for any allusion to the Democrats, in your mind.
Truly, there are no bigger masochists in America than those who pledge allegiance to the mule. You can beat them, kick them, piss and shit all over them, and they'll come crawling back for more, hopeful gleam on their soiled faces. Why they don't break out the leather hoods, slapper whips, and ball gags and fetishize their surrender is a mystery, but then, libs are often the biggest teases. Maybe they're saving that for election night.
It goes on and on for several, wonderful, paragraphs. Read it. He speaks the truth.
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  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    Have you read his book? Is it any good?

  2. I haven't yet, no. But it has gone on my list.:)

  3. It's the perennial question -- how much are you willing to compromise?

    The people on the left who weren't in 2000 (sweeping bow from yours truly) gave the USA President George W. Bush. Righties who weren't in 2006 gave Montana and Missouri Democratic senators and the Democrats control of the Senate (they voted Libertarian).

    Conservatives who weren't in the early 1990s gave Canada three straight Liberal majority governments.


    On the other hand... after 2000, the Dems have moved left. After 2006... well, the Republicans are still cruising for a bruising this fall, except possibly at the top of the ticket. (Still, things are better now, policy-wise, than they were two years ago.) And after the 1990s, the re-unified Conservative Party of Canada is definitely to the right of the old PCs.

    Okay, two out of three ain't bad -- so maybe sometimes you can win by losing.

  4. Big tent parties gravitate to where power is located. Anyone without power is ignored. Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats -- find out where the power is and that is where those parties are. Being surprised by this and living in hope of changing this reality from within, is curse of progressives in both countries.

  5. It isn't just like that for progressives. (Although I'm in a position to feel your pain, given my political history.)

    Spare a thought (or a tear) for the poor libertarians and religious conservatives who have to take a deep breath and decide whether they can in good conscience cast a ballot for John McCain.

  6. Spare a thought (or a tear) for the poor libertarians and religious conservatives

    That's why someone like Andrew Coyne supports electoral reform. You can only have a true market place of ideas if everyones' "products" are on display.