Saturday, September 20, 2008

Which Wing Is The Liberal Party Flying WIth Today?

It depends on who is doing the talking (and where is Mr. Dion when you need him?). Bob Rae is telling voters that Liberals are "Progressive" and so we all need to pull together:
"That's why I describe the Harper government as the house that Jack built," said Mr. Rae, referring to NDP Leader Jack Layton. "It's very much a creation of the strategic choices that Jack Layton and the NDP made. I went into politics to stop Stephen Harper and I am determined to do that so I am making a very simple pitch to voters who might have voted NDP or might have voted Green in the past to say, in this election, that there is a strong obligation on all of our parts to pull together."
His future leadership rival is telling voters that Liberals are not "Progressive" at all and all this "getting together" shit is just so much twaddle:
“I don't think the Liberal Party of Canada is a party of the left. There's no coalition to be done,” he said. “We're a party of the centre and people vote for us because we're in the centre.
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1 comment:

  1. "Steady march downward", we're told.

    Losing the battle for the centre-right to the Conservatives, losing the battle for the centre-left to the Dippers and the Greens.

    If that's true, perhaps neither wing is being flown with?