Friday, September 12, 2008

I Too Am Sparticus

Way to go Green Party. You have joined the political big leagues. You are threatening to sue you first blogger. While I dislike the video in question because it misrepresents Ms. May's position, I think it is outrageous for a party that just spent the last week fighting for its right to be heard, to reach for their lawyer's phone number the first time someone posts something they don't like onto the Internet.

I think, if you had been patient, you would have found that the blogosphere is a pretty self-correcting place. I was first taken in by the video when I first saw it, but my peers set me straight, pretty damn quick. I changed my post from one of support for the contents of the video to one denouncing it, once I found out it was a fake. If you had just let this run its course, your party would have received a lot of sympathetic support. Now, by choosing Stephen Harper's favorite tool of choice, the lawsuit, you will be denounced as the typical politicians you say you are not. Again, congratulations. You are now just another party.

Update: How fitting that Stephen Taylor has claimed responsibility for the video in question.

Update 2: Here is my transcription of the question and answer.

Steve Paikin: Why so little will (for a carbon tax)...Elizabeth?

Elizabeth May: All (inaudible) politicians are scared to death to mention the word tax and they think Canadians are stupid... and cannot... and i fundamentally agree with that assessment. But most politicians think that if you say we're going to put on a carbon tax and reduce you income tax they don't think they can sell it. It's all about votes.

I would like Ms. May to clarify which assessment she fundamentally agrees with. I think she is saying, poorly, that she agrees with the assessment that politicians are scared of taxes, rather than Canadians are stupid. But to be honest, the way she said it, does leave it open to interpretation. The original clip is posted (starting around 38:32). Listen to it and decide for yourself.
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  1. How did I know a Tory operative was responsible for that deceptive video?

    Man, they must be scared of May to resort to this kind of smearing.

    And FWIW, there is some talk that the letter to leftdog is a fake...another dirty trick to discredit the Greens?

    Somebody is seriously afraid.

  2. And FWIW, there is some talk that the letter to leftdog is a fake...another dirty trick to discredit the Greens?

    Really Mike, at this point, anything is possible.