Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Elizabeth May Is Not Much Brighter Than Junior

I pity the people of Central Nova. Note to Elizabeth May. If you are trying to be included in a leader's debate, as the leader of an independent party, you do not offer to support the candidate of another party. I wonder how Doug Anderson feels this morning? How would you feel, if you read the following?
Ms. May also came under fire yesterday for sending a mass e-mail offering her support to a Liberal candidate running against Conservative minister Jim Flaherty.
It is bad enough not running a candidate against Dion in his own riding, but to then also abandon your own candidate in favor of a Liberal (while in the process of arguing for inclusion in a leader's debate), is just plain stupid. I am sorry you won't be included in this debate now, because I think you are just the agent of chaos this campaign needs. However, you only have yourself to blame for this and no one else.

Update: Gerald Caplan wants May included and I must say, he makes a good case. I can only assume he didn't know about the email to Osahawa-Pickering, which may have changed his mind:
Gerald Caplan ( former NDP campaign manager): Very forcefully yes.

I'm dismayed at the decision to keep Ms. May out of the debate. It's contrary to democracy, common sense and civil decency. I'm hugely disappointed that the NDP is party to this exclusion. I'm shocked that the Conservatives and NDP apparently have threatened not to participate if she had been included. I'm incredulous that Mr. Layton would use the Liberal-Green deal in a single seat to argue that they're virtually the same party. I can hardly believe Mr. Harper's brazenness in saying, without an iota of proof, that Ms. May intends to endorse Mr. Dion.

Now we are left with the spectacle of four men babbling to each other, while another man moderates. Nice work, boys.

Make no mistake: Ms. May is being excluded for no reason of principle. This is all about exploiting an opportunity against a potentially dangerous opponent. Another word for this is opportunism. This is a decision that may well come back to haunt both the Conservatives and the NDP. And they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
Update 2 It seems Elizabeth just can't stop herself from endorsing Liberal candidates. Please let her into the debate. It would be worth it just to have her answer the question, "Why?".
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  1. Almost everyone is behaving irrationally in this case.

    Harper should be like, "Another left-wing party in the debate to split more votes? Score!"

    Everyone else should be like, "No, no, no, no, no -- you at least have to win a by-election before your leader gets in."


  2. Almost everyone is behaving irrationally in this case.

    Must be election time.