Saturday, September 06, 2008

Note To All And Sundry

My vote is up for grabs. The first party to pledge, in writing, that they will bring in PR, based on the Canada Law Commission model, wins my vote. The pledge must also make it clear that there will be no further consultations, studies, or referenda and it must be done within six months of taking office. These are my terms. If they are not met by any party by October 14, I may just take a pass this time. Signed, a fed up voter.

Update: I know I sound like a crank, but I don't think I can face another election about nothing.
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  1. I suspect your vote will be about as relevant to the parties as your blog has become to the blogosphere over the past two to poke at, but not really of any importance.

  2. Although you are a coward, you have stumbled upon a couple of truths. First, voting in our present system is pretty much a waste of time and second, no one in power cares really what I think. I am ok with that. I am doing this for me anyway.

  3. Hey, Greg:

    I'm late to the party on this post, but I was curious: why no referendum?


    - Jason.