Monday, September 08, 2008

Junior McKay Is An Idiot: Part 786

I am not sure what Junior is all fired up about. Maybe he would rather she yelled that she wanted a war economy? In any case, he seems to be threatening Jack Layton with a manly retreat to his potato patch,if he doesn't get his way:
Defence Minister Peter MacKay has called for NDP Leader Jack Layton to fire a Nova Scotia NDP candidate for her behaviour Thursday at a Halifax peace protest.

But the party says the candidate did nothing wrong.

Halifax West NDP candidate Tamara Lorincz was among a group of Halifax Peace Coalition protesters demonstrating outside the Cunard Centre on Marginal Road. They were protesting the DEFSEC Atlantic 2008 exhibition, a trade show for defence contractors.

Ms. Lorincz hollered at some uniformed members of the Canadian Armed Forces as they drove by.

"This is a racket and it should be shut down," she yelled. "We need a peace economy, not a military economy."

That shows that Ms. Lorincz is "unfit for public office," said Mr. MacKay.

"I felt physically ill," he said Sunday in an interview. "I thought it was just one of the most disgusting things I’ve heard in a long time. I honestly believe Jack Layton should pull that woman’s nomination papers."
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  1. It's too bad she wasn't around for Junior's potato patch interview.