Saturday, September 20, 2008

Learning The Wrong Lessons

Well, I must say, I am not surprised by this. Rather than build coalitions through electoral reform, liberals want to duplicate the "choice" offered to our American cousins. Oh well, I still have Monty Python.

Update: Thanks to POGGE, I have a new favorite page.
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  1. I suppose we could go one step further and have this longed for Liberal Democratic Party merge with the existing Conservative Party...thereby guaranteeing that neither the trace elements of the left or right that survived such a merger would ever be shut out of governing. Then we could get started on the hard work of merging coke and pepsi....because who likes having disagreements over which restaurant to go to based on its beverage selection?

  2. It's not happening -- not even if Harper gets a majority. I know my Dipper friends well.

    I say it would take at least a second Harper majority in 2012 for people really to consider it -- like what it took for the right to reunite.


    And how likely is any of that?

  3. I don't believe it will happen either, but unless we can pull a miracle out in BC, I doubt Liberals will allow electoral reform. The sweet, sweet, taste of absolute unfettered power, has Liberals in her thrall. I doubt even 20 years of Conservative majorities will break the spell.