Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rebranding The President

Harper today:
Harper is "a minivan-driving hockey dad from the suburbs" and "the most middle class prime minister this country has ever had," the aide said.
Harper two years ago:
On a visit to Niagara Falls, where Harper spoke to the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario at the Brock Plaza Hotel Thursday, staff stood outside, watching Harper's motorcade, noting the size of the convoy and comparing it to that of previous prime ministers. Pierre Trudeau, one recalled, going back to the '80s, arrived in Niagara Falls with two or three cars and the same number of police cars. Harper, according to a photographer, had with him six limousines and a van, four police cars and 15 or more motorcycle police.

Parliament Hill observers say Harper's motorcade has increased in size, with more SUVs and more armed officers. "There's no doubt since he came to office we've seen these black Suburbans with SWAT team people," says a Member of Parliament who spoke off the record. "The good thing about these Suburbans is they have back doors that open and have a guy sitting at the back looking out and they're high and can see over other vehicles." (The SUVs he's speaking of are V8 Chevrolet Tahoes.)
Ya, he is so real.
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