Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toss Them Some Red Meat, Steve

I wonder is this connected to this? It sure has all the earmarks of a misdirection play, aimed at the base. I suspect internal Tory polling is showing that Steve's promise to withdraw the troops by 2011 is not going over well with the "kill the women and children first" crowd. Of course this could also be a rescue mission for Junior MacKay.

Update: And speaking of propaganda, I see the Liberal House Organ is getting worried about the NDP, too. Interesting. I love the last sentence, by the way. Heaven forbid a party should engage in politics during an election campaign. The idea!

Update 2: Meanwhile, right on time, the liberal commentariat, rather than concluding that electoral reform is the way to go, is urging the development of a two party system. Christ on a crutch.
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1 comment:

  1. Nah, most of us who are disappointed (as I actually am) by Harper's reversal on Af'stan actually think it's a cause worth fighting.

    But I'll trade the US Marines having to send a couple extra battalions there in 2011 for ten more seats for Harper in Quebec now and a potential governing majority.

    Me, I'm enjoying watching hawkish Liberals sputter about Harper's decision -- if they were so concerned about and dedicated to the mission, why didn't they speak up more loudly last year, when the debate took the current turn?

    (But I'd be a lot more upset if Canada's contribution were larger and if the United States' military were not able to pick up the slack.)


    It'll be fun to watch the Star tie itself in knots during this campaign...