Monday, September 22, 2008

MSM Conventional Wisdom Watch

From today's Globe:
It is, of course, never quite so simple as one vote. It is impossible to gauge the effect of the hastily named Conservative candidate - long-time party worker and campaign manager Mary Lou Ambrogio - in an election that, at the moment, seems to be turning in favour of Stephen Harper. There is also the Green Party factor, which is likely to take more votes away from the NDP than the other parties.
Never mind that the NDP's poll numbers are at or above traditional support levels, in spite of increased Green support (if in fact it is even up). Do we need to look at other parties to see if they might be leaking support? Hell no. To hell with reality, we have agreed upon fiction to lean on. We are the MSM. If fiction sells papers, use fiction.
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  1. Don't those mystery polls with the Liberals below 25% mean something?