Sunday, June 28, 2009


Expect Warren Kinsella to use this image in every upcoming Ontario Liberal ad. Gold like this is just too good to pass up.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

NDP Deathwatch Year 48 Continued

The Liberals are down in the polls? Iggy looking like a Dion clone? Never fear, the Toronto Star will generate another chapter in its unending series "The NDP is dying and Jack Layton is a poopy head". That should distract the "progressives". But then again, so would jingling car keys.

Update: If you want a better analysis of the current political situation, read Gerald Caplan. Sure he disses the NDP (and rightly so. They truly are changing into the "Democratic Party"), but unlike the Star, he doesn't think much of the competition either.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Certain Lack Of Backbone

Here is the Ottawa consensus in two paragraphs:
The survey conducted for also found that more Canadians disapprove of Mr. Ignatieff's job performance today than before last week's election tensions. Thirty seven per cent of Canadians surveyed disapproved of Mr. Ignatieff's performance between June 17-23, compared to 34 per cent who felt that way from June 10-16.

EKOS President Frank Graves said it may be the ads are “finally starting to have a corrosive effect on his reputation. At the same time, Ignatieff was the public face of the Liberal brinksmanship last week, and that may have affected his personal reputation as well as the party's.”
in other words, Iggy's popularity is taking a beating because he dared to threaten an election that "no one wants". May I suggest an alternative explanation? Iggy's reputation is taking a beating because he threatened an election and then backed down -- again. In statistical terms, we call it the Dion Variable (leadership=decisiveness + will).

Update: Kady asks the right question:
Honestly, y’all, I just don’t know what to make of these numbers —I mean, yes, it does appear to back up the contention that Canadians were, to put it mildly, some ticked by Ignatieff’s brief but lively foray into electoral brinksmanship – but if that’s the case, why the extreme slumpage at the end of the week, when the danger had passed, and the Liberals — having backed down two days prior — were voting with the government to pass the last bits of the budget bill while counting down the minutes til the House would adjourn for the summer?
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Thursday, June 25, 2009


When I remember him, and I will, it will be like this. At the moment of his greatest triumph.

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Calling All Waterloo Area Bloggers

James Bow is hosting a gathering of the clans at the Huether Hotel this Saturday, beginning at 4 pm. Sadly, Mr. Sinister will not be attending this year as I have another engagement. However, there is a strong chance that reclusive political junkie and master of all media, Greg Staples, will be there. If you are in the area, join the fun and hoist a few in my name.
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Republicans Find Their Calling

I am not a big fan of Barack Obama. I think he is far too quick to bow to Republicans in an effort to be "bipartisan". However, I agree with the way he has handled the aftermath of the election in Iran. Hooman Majd, an Iranian American journalist, sums up my feelings on this matter and on the response to Obama from the "Bomb Iran Boys" of the Republican Party.
I'm not saying Obama is the most knowledgeable person on Iran, but he's obviously getting good advice right now. He understands way more about the culture of the Middle East than any of the neocons. For them to be lecturing President Obama is a joke. I have criticized Obama; for instance, I criticized him for having a patronizing tone in his Persian New Year message. But right now I think he's doing a good job. The John McCains of the world, they're Ahmadinejad's useful idiots. They're doing a great job for him.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sure I Killed My Parents M'Lud. Have Mercy On An Orphan

I almost feel sorry for our government's lawyers having to argue nonsense before the courts:
A federal lawyer conceded Tuesday that she cannot "point to any risks" in the federal government seeking Omar Khadr's repatriation to Canada. But she urged a federal appeal panel to reject the prospect, because judges should not be second-guessing the foreign-policy decisions of elected officials.
If I was a judge on the court, I would have replied that her argument would be valid if this government had, in fact, a foreign policy.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009


The following exchange between the press and MP (and cop on leave) Shelly Glover will give you some pause. It certainly makes me think about how cops view democracy and free speech. I hope Ms. Glover is the exception rather than the rule:
But a press conference in Ottawa today added a new twist. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan were at the Canadian War Museum to announce new legislation related to Internet surveillance.

They were joined on stage by several police officers who supported the measures as a way to nab child predators lurking online.

But it was a big news day and reporters also had questions for the ministers on the case of Abousfian Abdelrazik, the ongoing Cornwall bridge closure and a report from the House of Commons public safety committee.

The moderator, former Winnipeg police officer and first-term Conservative MP Shelly Glover, would have none of it.

“If I could interject,” she said after a question on Mr. Abdelrazik. “Today’s a very, very special day for the people who have come from a long distance. Could we please keep our questions focused on today’s announcement?”

“With due respect, it is a news conference,” CTV’s Roger Smith replied.

“Yes,” Ms. Glover replied sternly. “And when they put a police officer in charge, they give directions and we hope that you follow them.”
Translation: Shut the fuck up and write what we tell you to write. Charming. Ms. Glover has a future in Iranian politics, if she ever gets tired of Canada.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

So Long For Now

See you later Don Newman. You were a class act all the way. I always got the sense that you never really got blogs, but we loved you anyway. Good luck with your retirement and remember to throw your weeds into Dalton McGuinty's yard for me.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Abousfian Abdelrazik is coming home. Kudo's to the opposition and the courts.
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Of Coalitions II

I stand by yesterday's posting that Harper and Iggy acted in a way that was proper for a coalition. But something about this arrangement still bothers me. I think it is destructive of our democracy to have an official opposition that isn't. Having an official opposition that acts as an opposition party only up until a vote of confidence, at which time it switches to support the government, breeds cynicism among the voters. How can a party say one day that the government is full of crooks and incompetents and then the next casts its votes with the same government? It just looks really, really bad. It makes it look like the official opposition is play acting and does not oppose at all. And that is not a good thing. It is not how our system is set up.

If the people running the Liberal party cannot work with the other opposition parties because they find they are ideologically closer to the Conservatives, then they should enter into a formal coalition with the government. That way, the opposition will really oppose, we will not be going to the polls every 12 months, and (this is important), Liberals would have more influence sitting around the cabinet table, than they do being caught in an endless "we oppose -- we back away", cycle. Entering a formal coalition would also enjoy the benefit of being intellectually honest and who knows, such a coalition might restore Canadians' faith in their politicians.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of Coalitions

I know Liberals will reject this, with extreme prejudice, but this is how coalition government is supposed to work. Myself, I shudder to think what a coalition of the Conservatives and the business wing of the Liberal Party would come up with on EI, but at least they are working semi-openly together. That in itself is an improvement over the chaos we have seen lately. Now, if only they would get out of denial and embrace the love that dares not speak its name.

Update: If the Liberals embraced a real coalition with the Tories, they would at least, avoid criticism like this.

Update 2: From Kady:
By the time that word of a second summit between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff had come out, most of us ParliamentaryCrisisWatchers had already downgraded the election threat-o-meter from red to yellow, and were just waiting for official confirmation that the Liberal leader’s perfect record of backing away from any position that could ever potentially be described as “courageous” remained intact. We were not disappointed, although ITQ will admit that the blue ribbon threw us for a loop. Offering your grudging support for a government you’ve only just finished condemning for its “flagrant incompetence” is one thing — but doing it in exchange for a few vague promises to get back to you with more information, and an advisory panel? Somehow, that seems even more embarrassing than forcing your caucus to hide behind the curtains during votes, although that could be because you’re now forced to paste a fake smile on your face and pretend it’s a victory.
Ouch. A bit harsh there, Kady.

Final Update: I am wondering, despite the fact that the panel studying changes to EI is "blue ribbon", don't we have MP's and don't they have committees which could handle such a study? Why do we have a government at all? Why not just farm everything out to blue ribbon panels and drop the messy business of elections altogether?
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What People Are Saying

Iggy: An election if necessary, but not necessarily an election.

Harper: Queen to queen's level three.

Layton: Hey! Over here! Look at us, we passed another motion!

Duceppe: Yes, I am still here. Get over it.

Our national "leaders" don't seem to care about running the country. It's all about the game, all day, every day. Well, I am sick of the game. The game is stupid.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red Iran/Blue Iran

Yet another society where the urban and educated have to contend with a conservative politician who appeals to the rural and under-educated.

Update: Of course given what Dr. Dawg is writing today, it won't be long before North American conservatives start labling Ahmadinejad a "leftist-fascist". Orwell has a lot to answer for.
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Hamlet On The Rideau

Starring Iggy, the eyebrow that walks like a man. We all await, with bated breath, for the great man to pronounce our collective fate.
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Palin V. Letterman

My motto is, "Never pick a fight with a guy who has his own TV show and a huge staff of joke writers". The Republicans would be well advised to think this one through.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

California, Here We Come?

Is California a "successful" outcome for the Republican/CPC "starve the beast" strategy, and is this what Psycho Steve has in store for Canada when it comes time to pay down our deficit?
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Economic Forecaster Fail

Globe and Mail headline: PM delivers rosy economic report. What else is new?

Here we have Steve giving stock tips just as the Stock Market was tanking.

So, are we supposed to believe Steve now?

Update: It really doesn't matter if anyone believes Harper or not. Our pundit class, the official opposition, and the other opposition parties have no stomach to call Harper a liar and dump his sorry ass. The Liberals are waiting for their numbers to go over 40% (think of it as sort of like a road company production of Waiting For Godot) and the other parties are waiting for Jesus to return.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please, Please. Please

Under the headline: Replace Raitt With Gallant:
Minister of Human Resources Lisa Raitt shouldn't have the option of voluntarily stepping down, she should be fired. By allowing her to continue at her Cabinet position, PM Harper has shown us once again who, in his Conservative caucus, he will back at any cost and which ones he will snub at the least bit of controversy.

Prior to the campaign leading up to Harper's first minority government, Cheryl Gallant had been an all-star MP under the old Canadian Alliance Party, and, after the merger with the PC's, the Conservative Party of Canada. She was one of only two Alliance candidates to be elected in the Liberal stronghold of Ontario at the turn of the millenium and had held several portfolios for her hard work.

Then, in the summer election of 2004, the media created a smear campaign against Cheryl for her strong pro-life and anti-abortion views. Rather than back up his own MP for expressing her personal views, Harper muzzled her and denied her a cabinet post after the election.

Cheryl would have been a suitable Minister of Defense as she has an important Military base within her riding and some experience with the military herself. Even after Gordon O'Connor messed up in 2007 as Minister of Defense, Harper didn't bring in Cheryl during his cabinet shuffle.

Now we have Lisa Raitt, someone who we can't even take seriously after her arrogant words on the subject of Chalk River, getting full backing by the PM. Why not replace her with someone who has a more vested interest in the future of AECL? The uncertain future of the Plant not only affects those lives who depend on medical isotopes for cancer treatments, but the employer of the largest number of jobs in the Upper Ottawa Valley. With the stakes this high, the job should fall on the Member for Renfew-Nipissing-Pembroke - the riding that AECL Chalk River and its employees reside.
If there is a God, please make this happen.
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Congratulations Mr. Dexter

On winning a "majority" government. I suppose asking you to fix the electoral system is a waste of time?
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When The Isotopes Run Out

Is when the shit is really going to hit the fan. I bet the Tories are just counting the hours until summer recess.
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Do You Think Baird Has Read The Polls?

Transport Minister, John Baird, to Toronto. "They should fuck off."

Update:One of the more bizarre elements of this story is the idea that Toronto does not qualify for the grant because the manufacturing jobs created as a result, are in Thunder Bay, rather than Toronto. Perhaps Mr. Baird can explain what is wrong with Thunder Bay? Aren't they Canadians too?
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Say What?

If I told you that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the follow:
"I am not a citizen of the world, I am a citizen of the Iran because only in the Iran does citizenship start with our creator."
Would you be surprised? Or, how about this line:
"The notion that we are just one of many among equals is nonsense, Iran is a "blessed" nation, he said, calling Iranian revolutionaries' defeat of the Shah "a miracle from God's hand."
What if I told you it was, Newt Gingrich (substituting United States for Iran) and Mike Huckabee (substituting the United States for Iran and the Shah for the British). Truly, they have more in common with the theocrats running Iran than they would likely admit. Behold the Republican Party. The party of choice for Mullahs everywhere.
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Friday, June 05, 2009

Liberal Conservatives

I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, that Liberals are acting like Republicans. But that is just me. Meanwhile, New Democrats are acting like Democrats. This is messed up right here.
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Abousfian Abdelrazik Wins

I bet ol' Psycho Steve wishes he could prorogue the courts, eh? I will give even money that the Tories drag this to the Supreme Court (even though the judge in this case set their clothes on fire with his judgement). It seems with this government, tax money spent on lawyers, is always money well spent.
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's All Right

The new Beatles game unvailed at E3, by Microsoft. What a trip. Even after all these years, their music makes me smile.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What A Surprise

Apparently, only state approved countries will be on the "can be sued" list (which countries? who knows, they won't tell us until the law is passed). I guess France had better be nice to Harper. Bizarrely, Peter Van Loan wants Canadians to think that the Governor General will be the one making the decision about who is on or off the list.
When asked if the United States, Israel or India could be put on the list, Mr. Van Loan said the Governor-General, acting on the advice of the federal cabinet, would make the final determination.
Well, the Conservatives got Canadians to believe that we voted directly for the Prime Minister, so what the Hell.
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Sacrifice To The Angry Gods

What is a "conservative" government to do to appease its base, after announcing a record deficit and a massive infusion of tax dollars into a company so stupid it killed its own groundbreaking product, on its way to bankruptcy? Why, leak the possible privatization of the CBC, of course. The Harperites may not be able to organize a two car funeral, but they sure know how to toss red meat to their "peeps".
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Monday, June 01, 2009


Everybody is seeing Stalinists. Modesty forbids me from taking credit.
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Mr. Harper Goes Fishing For Votes

And pulls in a shark. I can hardly wait for the first lawsuit against the United States or Israel. I can hear the government lawyers now, "But, but, we didn't mean for people to sue our friends, just the people we don't like!"
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