Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not So Fast

Before everyone walks on hot coals for dumping on the NDP, the party has to explain a few things. Was Godin freelancing or did he have reason to think the party was behind him? Why did they sit on this for over 24 hours? Where is Jack Layton? Usually he can't run to the microphones fast enough, why is he silent now? Why does Dewar say the party has not taken a final position on Bill C-6? Why not? Do they think they can somehow spin shit into gold? I think it is a bit rich too, for Dewar to say this bill was introduced for political reasons, when the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc egged the government on with their craven attacks on Mr. Maynard. Trying to slam the barn door now is just a laughable attempt at damage control.

The sad fact is, I strongly believe some genius at NDP headquarters really, truly believed the party could jump on the Herouxville Express (and all those yummy, yummy, Quebec seats, my precious) and not get burned by associating with their poisonous bigotry. I'm sorry, but to come out now and say "Just kidding guys", is pretty lame. The NDP is going to have work pretty damn hard to get back both my trust and my vote.
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Like A Giant Turd

The NDP is letting the veils vote float, without comment (as of 9 am this morning).

Update:Dr. Dawg has still not heard from Paul Dewar.

Update 2:Now the good doctor has heard something from Dewar, but doesn't yet have permission to tell the rest of us! Why don't the NDP just put it out there and be done with it? This is just nuts.

Update 3:As the doctor points out, his post is now up. My reaction? It is a pretty carefully worded letter -- much more carefully worded than is needed (Why include "To be clear, contrary to the above-noted article, our caucus has not taken a final position on Bill C-6.", for example?). To me this is a no brainer. This is a bad bill and the NDP should oppose it to the death.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let Me Explain It Dana

Since you have turned off your comments (a move I understand, well). You write:
Or why the Conservatives, who loathe everything the NDP has ever stood for, are more palatable than the Liberals, who've cooperated with the CCF and NDP on numerous occasions throughout the 20th century. Which cooperation has resulted in some of the legislation that the Conservatives would like most to do away with or change beyond recognition.
The answer is simple. NDP voters hate both the Liberals and Conservatives and want their own party in charge. You (and this is common among Liberals) think that the Liberal Party is interchangeable with the NDP. That is wrong (although Layton is doing things lately that may make that true in the future and not in a good way). The Liberal Party is seen by NDP supporters as the party of corporate Canada, par excellence.

You talk about history and how the NDP has changed, let me leave you with one thing to chew on. The Liberal Party of Dion is not the Pearson/Trudeau Party. That party is gone. The blues run the Liberal Party and have done so for a quarter of a century.
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The Burlap Divorce?

Given the public spat over the seat redistribution and now this, it looks like the love affair between Harper and Quebec is over.
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And Speaking Of Pandering To Fear And Racism, Warren....

This is seriously starting to get me angry. At least some Liberals are feeling guilty about their role in this farce. The NDP on the other hand, has no problem it seems scapegoating Muslim women. What is going on in this country? All of the parties are busy trying to exploit the fear of people rather than bringing us together as a people. If they think these kinds of actions will not have consequences for the health of our society, they are wrong. Treat people like they are the "other" and they will begin to act like the "other".

Update: Kady O'Malley has it right. NDP, hide your faces in shame. And Kady, it is ok to pick on the NDP when they act like a bunch of asses. If I want to vote for a party that stands for nothing, I will vote Liberal.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Election Post-Mortem And A Charge Of Racism

Warren Kinsella points to Robin Sears' analysis of the recent Ontario election. Warren is offended by Sear's portrayal of the Liberal campaign as subtly racist. I like Warren, but I have to side with Sears on this one. It's not like others did not point out the odious nature of the Liberal campaign, while it was unfolding.
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Harper Finished Screwing The Earth, Turns Attention To Canada

Psycho Steve had better ask British Airways to bring a Concorde out of mothballs. He has a bit of a Quebec problem to deal with. It is easy for his thugs to tell Ontario to go to Hell (because Harper would like Ontario to fall through the Earth's crust), but Harper wants to hold Quebec close to his dark heart.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Shut Off Your Brain And Vote Liberal

I have the new Liberal slogan for the next election, "Vote Liberal you pigs, or you love Harper". The hysteria (and there is no other word for it) among Liberal ranks is pathetic. They just do not seem to have any ability to look around them and realize the Liberal Party is a morally bankrupt group, with nothing to offer the electorate than they aren't members of the Conservative Party. Not only that, but they seem to think the best way to attract progressive voters is to emotionally blackmail them. Nice.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stephen Harper Is A Physicist -- He Loves Inertia

A diplomat from another Commonwealth country described Canada's position — that there's no deal unless everyone agrees — as a recipe for inertia on climate change.
Feel the pride, people. Feel the pride.
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Canada Led The Way Of Being Isolated

So, Psycho Steve used the unanimity convention of the Commonwealth to get his own way on climate change. For those of you at home keeping score, a minority Prime Minister of a minority party, in a tiny country, is now the leading drag on action against global warming. We, as Canadians, should be proud.
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At Least Mulroney Stood Up For South Africans

The thing I most admired about Brian Mulroney (probably the only thing), was his stance on South Africa. He bravely stood up to Margaret Thatcher herself on economic sanctions against the then racist regime. Mulroney was right to fight against racism and he did Canada proud. Our current PM (who sees himself as an heir to Thatcher rather than Mulroney) is now playing the role of Margaret Thatcher in the Commonwealth, stubbornly blocking any attempt to come up with a united front on GHG reductions. In the end, no matter what happens to Mulroney in the coming days, at least he will have the comfort of knowing he did at least one noble thing in his life. Harper, on the other hand, will always have his GST cut.

Instant Update: In other good, related news. Harper's fellow traveler from Australia is no longer there to back him up.

Instant, Instant Update: Harper is looking more and more ridiculous. His stance that Canada will block any attempt to do anything substantive on GHG reductions until he sees every last country in the world included, is being exposed for the self-serving nonsense that it is. The sad fact is, our government wants to talk this issue to death. It will be happy to talk until every last drop of oil, every last bit of coal and every lump of peat, is burned.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

My Mother Is Better Than Your Mother

Kelly McParland in the Post, sums up the consensus about Mr Van Loan here in Ontario. "Not at all an impressive performance, overall". This seats flap is the most puzzling ploy by the Conservative Party yet and oh so unnecessary. I cannot for the life of me see any benefit to their electoral prospects by picking a fight with the province with the most seats in the House of Commons. It just seems to me to be a few pickles short of a barrel. Anyone have any theories about why the Tories would be acting so cavalierly toward Ontario voters?
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Here's A Headline You Wouldn't See In A Canadian Paper

Afghanistan 'falling into Taliban hands' (And just to note, the article calls for more NATO involvement, not less).
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When Barney's Attack

Peter Van Loan is calling Dolphin McGitbox "small" for fighting for rep. by pop. for Ontario. Maybe Mr. Van Loan would like to explain to his constituents, in that same province, why he wants to sell out his own people to the Lilliputians .

Update: Anyone who is talking to Mr. Van Loan, please ask him to explain the following sentences:
"McGuinty apparently opposed Ontario doing better, because the choice is not our bill or some hypothetical unreality. The choice is our bill or the existing formula – under which Ontario is badly shortchanged."
Ask him why those are our only choices? Bills are not received from God on stone tablets (although that thought must appeal to Stephen Harper). Ask him, who is blocking the third choice of adding more seats for Ontario?
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Just The Way I am

I took the Political Compass test and look where I am. No surprise really. It does explain why I get so angry at the NDP over rights issues though.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

More Relgious Insanity

Kinsella is right.
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Time (Once Again) To Scrap The RCMP

When the peasants start to egg your cars and publicly call your organization a bunch of liars, you should seriously consider folding your tent and going home. The RCMP is rotten, from top to bottom and has been for years. It has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of a public that increasingly sees it as corrupt. We are not talking about corruption in the sense of being on the take, but a systemic rot caused by being an untouchable icon for over one hundred years. This is what happens when no one watches the watchers. The RCMP is beyond saving and should be scrapped. We need a national dialog about what needs to be done to replace this awful, awful police force.

Update: Read the following paragraph:
The driver had left the car, but police found him in a nearby wooded area and took him into custody, the statement said. While in custody, he "went into distress." He was taken to Sunnybrook hospital where he was pronounced dead. (emphasis mine)
I suspect the first question everyone will ask is "How did the driver go into distress? Was it taser related?" The Toronto police had better have some good answers.
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Note To John Baird

I wish you would just shut the hell up. You and your government are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, to stave off what is most certainly the biggest man-made disaster in history. To continue to blather (in a very Liberal way, I must say) that you care about the planet, is nausea inducing. It matters not one whit if we have jobs but no water, or pump every last drop of oil but don't have access to food. Please shut up and if there is some humanity deep inside that black, partisan heart of yours, do something useful for the generations that will follow us. Thank You.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Election Tripwire?

Courtesy of Kady O'Malley, comes the news that the government is re-introducing legislation to kill the long-gun registry. No word over whether they will treat its defeat as a motion of non-confidence, but to my recollection, this bill has no support from any of the other parties. The only question I can come up with is why do the Tories think falling on such a bill is their ticket to majority government?

Update: The Tories obviously don't see this as a ticket to majority government, as Mr. "I can take a punch" has not made this bill a matter of confidence.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Representation By Population

On the other hand, the issue of representation by population is an issue that unites Jason, myself and all Ontarians. The federal government is deliberately excluding Ontario from correcting an already badly out of kilter system, in favor of his western base. This is completely unfair to Ontario and any Ontario MP who votes for this legislation should be held to account. I urge everyone from Ontario to contact their local MP and tell them to amend the bill to correct this injustice.
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At Last The Fog Clears

After, what seems likes dozens of BS polls, comes one from the only polling firm I trust. The numbers are about what I thought. I wonder if Jason will highlight the NDP numbers in this one?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

News Item

The RCMP is back on the Mulroney case.

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Cue The Blogging Tories

Get ready for a denounce-a-thon. Amnesty International is calling on NATO to stop handing over prisoners to Afghan authorities. We should treat it as a drinking game. Every time a BT uses the words "pinko" or "commie", in association with this story, take a drink.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Can You Tell The Difference?

I can hear the Tories now "But,it's different when we do it!". Forget about the military/industrial complex. Canada is being run by the lobbying/political complex.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm"

What is one to make of a government that can somehow guarantee the security of parents of dead soldiers, in a war zone, provided the photo-op is right, but can't seem to do the same for the defense critic of the official opposition? I don't know about the rest of you, but to me it shows this government can do amazing things (or not), if has the proper motivation (or not).
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shorter Susan Riley

Abolishing the Senate is too hard so let's not try.
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Greg's Super Model Currency Index

The U.S. Greenback took a dive today on the Greg Supermodel Index. Said founder of the index, "If super models don't want your money anymore, you are in trouble". A spokesmen for the Federal Reserve was surprisingly upbeat "Sure Gisele has jumped ship, but we have plenty of other super models. Tyra's still on board, right? Right?"
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Cardiff Is Not Boring

Mr. Warren Kinsella is dead wrong. Cardiff is not boring. It is where Dr. Who is filmed so, it is not boring. Q.E.D.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Funny isn't it, that those who are criticising Layton for his priorities support a party that was in power for thirteen years and always found things to do besides enforcing Kyoto, stopping the privatization of Medicare, providing daycare for all children? Now that they are out of power these are all vital priorities, but when they were in power...not so much. And the fact they are also supporting a fundamentally undemocratic institution? As I said, funny.
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Monday, November 05, 2007

New And Improved Warren K.

Now with permalink goodness. Now all he needs is a comments section.
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What Color Is The Sky, Susan?

Susan Delacourt must have just come back from a Liberal Kool-Aid party. She seriously believes that removing Tory candidates in Toronto and Guelph will help the fortunes of the NDP? Really? Hands up Tory supporters who will now vote NDP as a result of those problems in Guelph and Toronto? In the real world, I suspect disgruntled Tories will either stay home or vote Green.

The NDP and Tories are just too far apart to make that leap for the vast majority of its voters. The myth of an NDP/Tory conspiracy makes for a pleasing story though, for Liberals who just can't understand why everybody just doesn't shut the Hell up and vote Liberal.

Update: Speaking of pleasing stories, it didn't take long for the Liberal blogging community to jump on this one.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crossed Wires On The Death Penalty

Of all the statements made by this thug government on the death penalty issue, the one I find most odious is this one uttered by the PM himself.
"The reality of this particular case is that were we to intervene, it would very quickly become a question of whether we are prepared to repatriate a double-murderer to Canada. In light of this government's strong initiatives on tackling violent crime, I think that would send the wrong signal to the Canadian population."
Wrong signal? That we take care of our own? That we clean up our own messes? That we don't believe in capital punishment and are willing to pay a price for that belief? It's not like we are going to bring this guy home and give him a job in the Prime Minister's Office. He would end up in maximum security for the rest of his life. The only signal I get from the PM is it is cheaper to let the Americans execute one of our citizens than to take him on as our responsibility. Talk about wrong signals.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deconstructing Steve

The PM said this yesterday:"
I think this call by the Liberal Party is really extraordinarily dangerous. Do they really want to say that I, as prime minister, should have a free hand to launch inquiries against my predecessors?" he said in Halifax, where he was addressing an aboriginal conference.
English translation: We might have a problem in the Conservative Party with corruption, but so might the Liberals. If they know what's good for them, the Liberals had better drop this and fast. It is not too late for both parties to watch each other's back on this issue.

Update: This story is starting to get some play. I suspect PM Smarty Mouth is glad the House is off next week. Calling Warren Kinsella. Does this government deserve a good kicking or what?
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Stupid PM Tricks: Talking Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth Simultaneously

Our PM says he doesn't want to set a precedent by starting up inquiries into past administrations. If that is the case, why did he hire a separatist to look into Liberal government polling practices? Mr. Harper, you have already let that horse out of the barn. What is your real reason for threatening the already cowering Liberal Party?

Update:Kady O'Malley asks a good question. Just where is the report from that separatist, anyway? It was due on October 11, but no one has seen it yet -- at least no one outside of the PMO.
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Friday, November 02, 2007

As Spock Would Say

Fascinating and on so many levels. I agree with Kady O'Malley that the idea the Harperites would deliberately throw a bi-election to help destabilize Dion is not so far fetched. I am also intrigued by the idea that Mark Warner may be reborn as a Liberal. If he is, that would make, what, five Liberal/Conservative trades (Stronach, Emerson, Khan, Turner and maybe Warner) in the last four years? It kind of confirms Layton's charge that the two "big" parties are really one big dysfunctional centre-right family, doesn't it?
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The Liberals Might Be Cowed

By stuff like this:
“Would the Liberal party for instance like me to launch an inquiry into Mr. [Jean] Chretien’s interests in various golf courses, and hotels, and the actions of the federal Business Development Bank? Would the Liberal party like me to have an inquiry on Canada Steamship Lines [Paul Martin’s family company] and decisions that may or may not have been made by the Department of Finance?”

“I think this is very dangerous and I talk about things that occurred while these individuals were in office, not while they were private citizens.”
But, I am not. Go ahead. Find out anything you can. It goes to show what kind of man we have as PM when he implies wrong doing on other people's part to deter them from asking too many uncomfortable questions about someone else ("Nice Party you have here. Too bad if the RCMP came after it, eh?"). Maybe next he will send Revenue Canada after members of the Liberal Party. Then his transformation into Richard Nixon will be complete.
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Hang'em High (If You Are Judged Worthy)

Supporting the death penalty for Canadians abroad will bring cheers from the boys down in the saloon, and it will solidify Tory support at 33%. The had better pray there are no Junior Marshalls or Guy Paul Morans sitting on death row in Texas. If it ever came out that an innocent Canadian was murdered by the state, the Conservatives would be chased out of Ottawa and back to the hinterland, forever.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

But Is It A Good Thing?

That is the one question Mr. Goldstein doesn't answer and it is the only one that matters, in the end. Global warming is real and just because people want to deny the consequences because they are going to be really bad, does not absolve governments for enabling that denial. If leaders do not lead, what the Hell good are they?
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Thank God Ontario rejected MMP, or else we could have had parties dumping locally chosen candidates in favor of those blessed by all powerful central committees of party hacks. Dodged a bullet there.
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