Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not So Fast

Before everyone walks on hot coals for dumping on the NDP, the party has to explain a few things. Was Godin freelancing or did he have reason to think the party was behind him? Why did they sit on this for over 24 hours? Where is Jack Layton? Usually he can't run to the microphones fast enough, why is he silent now? Why does Dewar say the party has not taken a final position on Bill C-6? Why not? Do they think they can somehow spin shit into gold? I think it is a bit rich too, for Dewar to say this bill was introduced for political reasons, when the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc egged the government on with their craven attacks on Mr. Maynard. Trying to slam the barn door now is just a laughable attempt at damage control.

The sad fact is, I strongly believe some genius at NDP headquarters really, truly believed the party could jump on the Herouxville Express (and all those yummy, yummy, Quebec seats, my precious) and not get burned by associating with their poisonous bigotry. I'm sorry, but to come out now and say "Just kidding guys", is pretty lame. The NDP is going to have work pretty damn hard to get back both my trust and my vote.
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  1. The lack of a clear statement from the NDP opposing this show your face legislation is puzzling and disappointing. Same with the variety of rationalizations by various NDP supporters on the web, such as we need this to stop the pumpkinheads and hockeymasks, Muslim women don't mind, it's not that important anyway, wait and see, they should require photo ID to vote, and on and on.