Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ghost Of 407's Past

For those of you who survived the Mike Harris years in Ontario, this story is nothing new. The government wants to sell buildings it owns and then lease them back from the private sector over a long term. It says it will save the government money. It says it can't afford to keep them up (didn't they just have a 13 billion dollar surplus?). The Mike Harris Tories said the same things about the 407 when they sold it off for a song. Ontarians got screwed over on that deal and it looks like the Harperites are getting ready to do the same thing with the people's buildings, across the country. Welcome to Mike Harris' Canada.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Blasts From Harper's Past

As I said yesterday, Harper loves to send his attack dogs after Stephane Dion's past, but he is strangely silent about his own. Fortunately, others are starting to mine his past for gold and baby, its all close to the surface. My question is to Jack Layton. How the Hell can you trust this guy? Even if he signs his name in blood and swears on his children's lives, I am willing to bet he will never, ever, make any attempt to meet our Kyoto obligations.
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Tories Use The Old Sargent Schultz Defense

Ve know nossing, nossing!
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New Politics For A New Government

Unlike the previous government, Canada's New Government doesn't give jobs to people with party connections. Rather, goverment jobs go only to those on Stephen Harper's Christmas card list.
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Oh, This Is Too Wonderful

My first question in Question Period. "Mr. Prime Minister could you tell the House if the Conservative Party got permission for the images used in its latest round of campaign attack ads?" Then when he pushes it off to functionairies follow it up with quotes from source that say they did not. Watch the ensuing squirmathon. LOL.

Update: From the article:
It's possible one of the networks sold the video to the Conservatives; the networks are checking to find out if their marketing or archival units might have done so.
Which network sold the CPC the video, if any? If it was this network, things could get mighty interesting.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Hero

Steve Harper likes to trash the Liberal environmental record (and let's face it, it sucked), but he doesn't like to be reminded of his own past. Here, for example is an article from November 2002 on the topic of Kyoto. Steve did not seem to be much of greeny in those days.
OTTAWA (CP) - It's time Paul Martin showed the fortitude expected of prime ministers and reject the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gases, Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper charged Wednesday night.

"Given the stakes here, the responsible thing to do is simply to come out and oppose it," Harper said, before a Canadian Alliance dinner in Ottawa which drew over 650 supporters who paid $350 apiece to dine with the Opposition leader.

"Mr. Martin himself has at least hinted that if he doesn't think it's bad he at least does understand that the way the prime minister is proceeding is improper and premature."

David Anderson, the environment minister and Herb Dhaliwal, the minister responsible for natural resources, were to launch the Climate Change Plan for Canada - a blueprint for Kyoto's implementation - Thursday in Ottawa.

Harper accused Martin, the leading candidate to replace Prime Minister Jean Chretien when he retires in early 2004, of sitting on the fence when it comes to stating his position on the protocol.

"Paul Martin has a responsibility to block ratification of Kyoto in the absence of an implementation plan with provincial and industry consensus," said Harper in the text of his speech.

Harper warned the deal, if fully implemented, would damage the economies of all provinces and territories and that consumers would end up footing most of the bill because they, not industry, are responsible for 80 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Kyoto agreement calls for Canada to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent over projected levels by the end of its implementation process in 2012.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien has vowed to ratify the deal by the end of the year.

Harper also warned against the former finance minister using a "ratify and rescind" strategy to appease industry worried about the deal's effects.

"This strategy - to knowingly accept an investment chill and later renege on his own commitments - would be even more irresponsible behaviour than Jean Chretien's," he said.

The Alliance leader again blamed the prime minister for moving too swiftly on Kyoto, without enough input from Canadians.

"I think its clear that the majority of Canadians at least, thinks we should not proceed until there is a full plan and until all provinces and all governments are working together."

Harper said his party "would never ratify a deal with the effects of the magnitude of Kyoto without being able to explain how it will be implemented."

"I actually think (the Liberals) are running scared on Kyoto - and they should be because it's a major, major deal...and yet they are really in the dark about how they're going to move forward."
Mr. Green was Mr. Stall and Obstruct just a few years ago. I wonder what changed his mind?
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This Sounds Familar..A Little Too Familiar

Paul Wells on the latest Tory attack ad strategy:
What's worth noting is that Harper likes to go after an opponent's strength, not his perceived weakness. If Dion has a brand — a debatable proposition, since it's so early in his new incarnation, but still — what is it? Integrity and the environment, probably. So the Tory ads try to tie Dion to Liberal malfeasance, and simply acknowledge that while Dion sat at the federal Cabinet table, the Grits did nothing serious about global warming. It's audacious, and a long way from the lamentable gong show John Baird and Michael Fortier put on in Montreal an hour after Dion's victory, when Baird attacked Dion as a Quebecer and Fortier attacked him for being a bad Quebecer. (emphasis mine)
This is nothing new, nor is it surprising. Afterall, Harper is nothing if not a student of the Republican smear machine and its modern master, Karl Rove.
Very early on, Karl Rove did something that many other political operatives don't do, and it's really an element of why he's a unique figure in American political life: He understands that while other people look for the weakness in an opponent and exploit that, Rove has long looked at the strength of an opponent. In the case of Ann Richards running for governor, it was that she was tolerant and appealed to many constituents, so you attack her as an advocate for the homosexuals' agenda. In the case of John McCain, it was that he was a POW in Vietnam, and so you raise questions about his service in Vietnam through surrogate groups.
Good old Steve. Is there any sleazy Republican tactic he won't try?
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tory Attack Ad Right Here!

Really, the one I saw bears a striking resemblance to "Rock Bottom", the fictional tabloid TV show that did a hatchet job on Homer Simpson. The Tories are totally, totally, lame. I think we have our first entry in the Tory "He endorses child porn", stupidity sweepstakes of 2007.

Update: You thought I was exaggerating. Here is one of the ads. Compare the two videos. It is just laughable how dishonest the Tory ad is. The only thing missing from it is "Dramatisation, this may not have happened". Otherwise this video is almost identical in its approach to editing as the Simpson's parody.

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Richard Nixon, Paranoid Lunatic, Patron Saint Of The CPC

Alan Gregg on the Tory attack ads : "There is something almost Nixonesque about this Tory Party." I have been saying the same thing for months. It is good that more people are seeing it too.
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Tory Attack Ads

The Tory internal polls must show that Harper is so disliked by the public that their only option now is to go for the "bomb the bridge" strategy used by Mulroney in 1988. I think this round of ads attacking Dion is an incredibly risky strategy for several reasons. For one, it reeks of desperation.

Two, they are using Jason Kenney to roll these ads out. Jason Kenney is like Radioactive Man to the average voter. He reminds me of Mike Harris, or someone who would trip a blind man and laugh. Kenney personifies everything non-conservatives hate about the Tory Party. His presence will guarantee the project will be perceived as mean-spirited.

Three, they are running the ads during the Superbowl. I don't know about you, but when I am watching the Superbowl, the last thing I want to see is an attack ad from a political party. In fact, I don't want to be reminded of politics at all. This fact alone, could cause a backlash against the Tories.

Finally, the Tory caucus think the ads are funny. Remember these are the same guys (and lets face it they are mostly middle aged frat boys) who thought attacking Chretien's facial paralysis was a hoot. If I was in the PMO, I think I would think twice about accepting their critial judgements.

I think this strategy is bound to backfire and so I should be cheering the Tories on, but I won't. I think this is yet another demonstration of their political immaturity and judgement. The country deserves better than to be subjected to the snickering poo poo jokes of these clowns.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Describing Dick Cheney To a "T"

He sees himself as a prophet in the wilderness because he thinks anyone in the wilderness must be a prophet.
Read the rest. It is as perfect a piece of writing as I have ever seen on the topic of Dick Cheney's sanity (or lack thereof).
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Carbon Trading

Here is a very interesting article about carbon trading from the National Post. If the Conservative government (or any government for that matter) wants to use the power of the marketplace to help solve GHG emissions, it should let the market do its thing, after setting the hard targets for reductions. Political interference for fear of upsetting business interests risks destroying the market and jeopardizing emission reductions. It is worth a read.
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Mr. Arar

I commend the Harper government for apologizing to Maher Arar and giving him compensation for his suffering. It is a good start, but it is only a start. While it was crucial for us as a people to make amends to Mr. Arar and his family, it is equally crucial for us to find those who perpetrated this injustice on him and punish them to the full extent of our law. Mr. Justice O'Connor wrote in his report:
This case is an example of how some government officials, over an extended period of time, used the media to put a spin on an affair and unfairly damage a person’s reputation. Given the content of the released information, only individuals with access to classified information could have been responsible for the leaks. The obvious inference is that this was done to paint a picture they considered favourable either to the Canadian government or to
themselves. page 257
Who were these officials? We still don't know and as long as they remain free and unpunished for their role in the smearing of Mr. Arar's reputation, the stain on our country's honour will remain for all to see. Mr. Harper did a good thing by admitting a wrong was done to Mr. Arar. He should not, nor should any of us, believe the books have been closed on this sordid affair however.
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Friday, January 26, 2007

"Many" Canadians

From the Globe article about Harper's settlement with Maher Arar:
Mr. Harper also defended the large settlement.

He acknowledged that many Canadians will find the amount high but said it corresponds to what government lawyers say the 36-year-old engineer would have been able to obtain if the $37-million lawsuit he filed against the government had gone to court.
Many Canadians, eh? That wouldn't be anyone I know. He must be talking about these Canadians.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Contradiction And A Cautionary Tale

On the one hand we have the Blogging Tories pleading with the government to give women money to stay out of the workforce, while at the same time the Tory government is pleading with boomers not to retire because our economy will collapse without skilled workers. It the government gives in to the demands of its base, I can see the following scenario being played out across the land.

Little Johnny wants to visit his Grandma and Grandpa. He loves them very much. Now that the government of Stephen Harper has allowed one of his parents to stay home with him, he has plenty of time on his hands. But wait, he can't visit his grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa are busy working due to that dang old labour shortage. No "Golden Years" for them. Johnny misses the guiding hand that grandparents give a young lad and this will screw him up terribly in later life. Poor little Johnny. Why do the Tories hate children so much?
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Yesterday's Man

Poor Stephen Harper. He must feel like a cocaine dealer at the Betty Ford Clinic. Just as he is trying to make Canada an "Energy Superpower" tm, the rest of the world (even George Bush, for God's sake) is trying to break its addiction to oil. No wonder Harper looks like he smells something bad, most of the time.
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He's Got Them Pegged

Elliot Morley, Tony Blair's special envoy on climate change said this about the Harperites, yesterday:
“I think when the Canadian government was elected, the present one, their intention was to kick the whole climate-change issue into the long grass, basically,” Mr. Morley said in an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail. “And I think they underestimated Canadian public opinion, the strength of the opposition parties, who kind of united around this particular issue, and I think they've now come to the conclusion that they've really got to do something.”
It's like Morley has eyes that can see and ears that can hear. If only the Blogging Tories had such equipment available to them.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Questions, Questions

If I was in charge of coordinating the opposition questions during the first week back, I know what I would pound the Tories on.
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Ibbitson's Barf Bag

Every time I read John Ibbitson, I get angry. He is one cynical, arrogant, SOB. His latest fishwrap is a case in point. Ibbitson takes the position that he is sitting above it all, looking down on the world and he "sees" the world "AS IT REALLY WORKS". Everyone else is a fool or a dupe, who lack his brilliance and clear sighted view of the world. He is Canada's answer to Tom Friedman.

Ibbitson posits that the U.S. will never change its stance on energy consumption, ever. Not in a million years. And as they are our eternal masters, we will never, ever do anything that upsets them. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable that the only two real parties in Canada lie to the population about what can be done. It is absolutely justifiable to say we will do something about global warming, when in fact we will do nothing. Then the fools and dupes and "common folk" will just get apathetic and lose the will to resist the "GLOBAL GEOPOLITICAL REALITIES" that only a genius like himself can see. Nice eh? It is an open call for the political elites to screw over the population in the interest of someone else. It is defeatism marketed as action as a means to discredit government as an actor for change. It makes me want to vomit.
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As Certain As The Sun Rising In The Morning

The Boeing contract for the military, is a mini-preview of the equalization debate to come. I almost, almost feel sorry for Harper. Sometimes being in power sucks.
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hand It To Peter MacKay

He knows how to spread sunshine wherever he goes. That's the problem when you choose sides in a situation where there are no good guys. Now all Canadians will have to wear it. Thanks Steve. Thanks Peter. How bout letting Mr. Khan have a press conference to explain to Muslims again how great our Prime Minister is?
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hey, Leave Me Out Of Your Soul Searching

There is some definite dissatisfaction with Harper's "race to the middle" being expressed in the press and on the internets. Now, I can understand the true believers are not amused by the recent cynical Liberal-like moves made by the dear leader. That is fair enough. If my leader was selling out my principals, I would be screaming too. However, please leave me out of you soul searching. Your leader's fecklessness has nothing to do with me or my people. Far from suffering from "Conservative Derangement Syndrome", NDP supporters are acting in their rational self interest as free actors in a political market.

NDP supporters want a national day care programme, concrete action on greenhouse gas emissions, and a balanced foreign policy when it comes to the Middle East. During the first year of Harper's reign, he has killed any chance of a national daycare programme, ignored greenhouse gas emissions and adopted a Republican foreign policy that could have come out of the American Enterprise Institute.

So, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out NDP supporters would be outraged and alienated by policy positions 180 degrees from where we want this country to go. Therefore, NDP supporters are likely going to want to get rid of Harper as soon as possible. It is a completely rational choice. Now how are they going to affect this rational decision? Given we have a winner take all system of voting in this country, it is reasonable to assume that some NDP supporters will move to the Liberals (even though they are as bad as the Tories, but at least that seems to bother some of them) in an effort to get rid of Harper. I wish this wasn't necessary, but given the totally disfunctional nature of our voting system, it is bound to happen. Again, it is not NDP supporters who are irrational, but the system certainly is.

Tories, I agree with you on one thing. Harper should come out and stand up for the principals you all want defended. All his "rush to middle" is doing is making my people more cynical about his motives and sincerity. It certainly isn't going to get me to change my mind about either Harper or the dead end that is modern Republican neo-conservatism.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tory Trial Balloon Made Of Lead

Harper is learning that campaign promises, in this case about equalization, are remembered and people really do care whether you deliver on them or not. Given his flip flop on income trusts, the PM cannot afford any more. He does not want to be known as the Conservative Dalton McGuinty. It is getting so bad, even the Blogging Tories are starting to take note. For Harper, this is not a good thing. I expect the final announcement will be different than the one leaked yesterday. However, Harper doesn't have a lot of options here. The question is, who does he screw over, Quebec or Saskatchewan/Newfoundland?
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Barley Sentient

So-called Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl had this to say about the results of the Manitoba plebicite on the Wheat Board's ability to sell barley:
"Close to 40 per cent of people said they wanted freedom of choice on barley, and that's with, as far as I'm concerned, a cooked-up, slanted question and a huge propaganda campaign"
For the record, here is the "slanted" question:
Voters were asked to tick one of two boxes -- either "I wish to maintain the ability to market all wheat, with the continuing exception of feed wheat sold domestically, through the CWB single desk system," or "I wish to remove the single desk marketing system from the CWB and sell all wheat through an open market system."
It seems pretty straightforward to me. It makes me wonder what Chuck (or in reality Harper) would consider an "unbiased" question. Something like this, I expect:
Choose one: I want a free choice to freely sell my barley in a free market with other freedom-loving farmers in a global alliance of free people.


I want government bureaucrats and Ottawa fatcats telling me what to do with my property and dictate to me the price at which I can sell my barley. I am not a man, but a sheep.
And the Blogging Tories say..."Amen".
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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Passion Of The Buzz

For anyone looking for the upside of Buzz Hargrove's defection to the Liberals, look no further than this. With him out of the picture, Layton is free to propose what needs to be done. Buzz is Dion's problem now. Good luck with that.
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Obligatory Little Mosque Mention

I watched it on tape last night. It is definitely a work in progress, but there is enough there to get me to watch again. Best exchange of the episode:
Mayor: "What is that wonderful smell?"

Fatima:"It's tradition and tradition always smells better."
Fatima is going to be the star of this show.
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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I went to the one and only KW meeting of the Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform, last night. It was inspiring and depressing at the same time. It was inspiring (once I found it, could they have held the meeting in a more obscure place?)because the place was packed and the presentations were thoughtful and passionate. Most in the crowd were sold on Mixed Member Proportional Representation, but I found it wonderful that the members of the assembly did not let the crowd sway them one bit. They asked very pointed questions about the cons of MMP (who controls the lists, in a list system, was very skeptically viewed by the assembly members). I agreed with the one gentlemen who advocated a non list system. Rather than having a party list, the proportional seats would be given to the candidates of the party based on the percentage of popular vote they got in their riding. So, if a party was entitled to 10 extra seats, their top ten runner ups would get the nod. That would take the power out of the hands of the party and put it into the hands of the voters.

I was also impressed by the chap who presented his case for an Alternate Vote (Instant Runoff) System. The crowd was very much opposed to his plan (which I have to admit I didn't like either because it would overly reward the big parties), but he was firm in his belief and delivered his presentation with humour and grace.

I said it was depressing too and it was. It was depressing because the government has stacked the deck against electoral reform. For all the hard work of the assembly, they have a compressed timeline to come up with a recommendation (about 4 months) for a new system and the government has set the threshold for accepting the will of Ontarians at 60%. Clearly, this long overdue reform process is not favored by the powers that be and it will be an up hill struggle all the way. That reality hung over the room like a cloud.

Still, it was a great evening. I am in total awe of the ordinary citizens who participated in the event. It was democracy at its finest.
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Tory Boondoggle

So the Tories are going to spend $900,000 to study electoral reform (and ship my tax dollars to a private consultant no less) when there was a perfectly good study done just a couple of years ago. I know the link doesn't work any more, you see the Tories scrapped the Law Commission a few months back and has taken down all of its files. The Tories are always whining about "value for money". What a joke. The kicker (if Paul Wells is reading)is the Tories won't even say if this report will be made public.
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Now I Know Where Steve Is Getting His New Green Policy

From Exxon Mobil. I should have guessed.
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Jason Kenney, Minister For Tory Recruitment

I watched the return of Politics with Don Newman last night (political junkies everywhere heaved a sigh of relief at its return). I witnessed one of the most remarkable interviews I think I have ever seen on that programme. Jason Kenney was in the house and as always, he didn't fail to entertain. The link to the video is not yet up at the CBC site (the technicians must still be on holidays), but when it is I encourage you to take a look at the interview. It was truly amazing.

I have never before seen a minister appear on national television and be so open about his political purpose. I am a big boy and I know ministers are political animals, but usually they are subtle -- not our boy Jason. To hear Mr. Kenney, one would think his job title was Minister in Charge of Recruiting Miniorities to the Conservative Party. He didn't even bother to pretend otherwise. It was the most cynical political performance I have ever seen. Conservatives have always been suspicious that the Liberals used multiculturalism as a means of recruiting visible minorities. To come out and say that is exactly what his party was going to do was extraordinary and confirmed that our "New Government" is being run by people -- twisted by their hatred of all things Liberal -- into openly doing the evil things they believed the Liberals were doing in secret for years. I was left wondering, at the end of the interview, why the taxpayers of Canada were paying the salary of the chief recruiter for the Tory Party? I am sure others will be asking that same question today.

Update: The link is now up. The interview starts around the 24:28 mark.
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Environmental Politics And The Problem Of Perception

Everybody and I mean everybody is speculating about how John Baird's appointment means that the Tories are now going to roll out a green plan that will be good enough to get them elected. According to the conventional wisdom, they are going to come courting on Jack Layton and the NDP. The problem is, I don't think it will help either party very much. On the Tory side, there is still a sense that they just don't get it. They are still approaching climate change as if it is just another marketing issue. So, any approach to the NDP will look like what it is, a cynical move to do just enough to neutralize the issue, so they can go back to what they really want to do, which is dismantle the federal government as a force for social policy in Canada.

On the NDP side, Jack is in a real bind. His move on the Liberal budget was seen as a great stroke of political strategy. The NDP spin was that they were able to wring spending out of a weak prime minister who was circling the drain. This is not going to be the perception this time. Say what you will about Harper, but he is not Paul Martin. This time, it is Harper who is maneuvering Layton around in hopes that Layton will be his willing pawn in his repackaging effort. Layton is going to have to score very, very, big to counter the perception among his own voters that he is being used to advance the cause of the Tories, rather than helping out the environment.

NDP supporters are very suspicious of Harper's motives and his willingness to follow through on anything Layton can squeeze out of him. Without an iron clad guarantee that Harper will move and move hard on greenhouse gas emissions (which I for one do not see coming), Layton will face a revolt among his base and all this maneuvering will have been for naught. If, on the other hand, Layton does somehow get those guarantees from Harper and it looks like he might actually do something substantial on this file, Harper may face his own revolt from his base.

I guess what I am saying is politics looks like a chess game, but the pieces on the board are humans, not inanimate objects. They will not always move where the players want them to go and sometimes they fight back. I think Layton and Harper are about to learn that lesson to their despair.
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome Mr. Khan. Will You Now Swear An Oath Of Loyalty On The Bible?

I hope Wajid Khan has a thick skin. His new "friends" in the CPC do not like people of his "persuasion" all that much:
Here’s the ultimate symbolism of the change in power to the liberal Democrats in the U.S. following the mid-term elections: The first Muslim elected to Congress, Democrat Keith Ellison, a former ten-year member of the radical Nation of Islam, took his oath of office using Islamic Quran. No, not the Bible.

As I watched the swearing in of Canada’s new Conservative cabinet, during which each swore on the Bible and ended their swearing in with “ help me God”, I wondered if Ellison ended his with “ help me Allah”. Or “...yeah yeah whatever, Allah Akbar”
I'm sure Mr. Khan will have no trouble explaining to Muslims in his riding why he is hanging out with people of such obvious charm? Perhaps if any journalist sees this, he can ask Mr. Khan that question if Steve lets him speak tomorrow.
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The Underlying Message In Today's Shuffle

Paul Wells sees an underlying message being sent by Harper to Dion. That message is, "We are coming to get you, Mr. Dion". It is a play right out of the Karl Rove handbook for junior Republicans. His philosophy of politics is to hit a man where he is strongest. Dion is perceived as strong on the environment, so lets set up a hatchet man like Baird to slap him down. I agree it is the main thrust of what is going on today. It certainly has nothing to do with fixing the environment. It will be interesting to see if Wells is correct in his application of past events to future confrontations.
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Pravda Is Authorized To Announce....

The Glorious Leader's new cabinet. Kenney at Multiculturalism? Does that mean he gets to go to more Taiwanese celebrations?
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Hoh Boy

If Harper does give Baird the environment portfolio, it will signal the end of any kind of defense of the Clean Air Act. Baird doesn't do defense. He will attack Dion 24/7. It's what he does. Will we have a better environment at the end of it all? No, but the Conservative base will be happy and after all, isn't that the only really important thing?
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Too Late Chris, Too Late

Wherein our friend, Christopher Hitchens, belatedly realizes the kind of people he has defended, lo these many years.
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Note To Steve: Symbols Are Important

For a smart guy, Harper sometimes acts like he doesn't have a brain in his head. Take for example, the issue of the flag over Parliament. Steve didn't give it a second thought when he lowered the flag over Parliament out of respect for Gerald Ford's passing. Fine, that is a nice gesture and I have no problem with that. However, did no one around him say, "Hey Steve, do you think people might not make a comparison between this act of respect for a foreign leader and your refusal to acknowledge the deaths of our own brave soldiers in Afghanistan, in the same manner"? I doubt it very much. So Steve must have said something to the effect of "Fuck them, I do what I want. I'm the Prime Minister". To which I can only reply. Keep this up and you won't be for much longer.
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

David Edgar, Canada's Man Of The Match

Great goal and from Kitchener, no less!
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Hollywood Sequels Gone Mad

Because social conservatives don't have enough to worry about.
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But, I Thought A Hundred Bucks Would Fix Everything

Imagine my surprise when I read that immigrants were sending their kids back to the home country for relatives to raise, because they cannot afford daycare. I know, Blogging Tories, another example of selfish foreigners who hate their children. Yes, yes, go back to sleeep. Of course, it could be a sign that your party's $100 idea is worth every penny and is having profound impacts on the very people we need to help build this country. No need to think such a thing though. The very idea that the glorious leader could ever be wrong about anything is just too awful to contemplate.

Update: Ya know, sometimes I wish CPC supporters would act a little less like the stereotype I mock in this blog and a little more like human beings. Sigh.
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