Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barley Sentient

So-called Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl had this to say about the results of the Manitoba plebicite on the Wheat Board's ability to sell barley:
"Close to 40 per cent of people said they wanted freedom of choice on barley, and that's with, as far as I'm concerned, a cooked-up, slanted question and a huge propaganda campaign"
For the record, here is the "slanted" question:
Voters were asked to tick one of two boxes -- either "I wish to maintain the ability to market all wheat, with the continuing exception of feed wheat sold domestically, through the CWB single desk system," or "I wish to remove the single desk marketing system from the CWB and sell all wheat through an open market system."
It seems pretty straightforward to me. It makes me wonder what Chuck (or in reality Harper) would consider an "unbiased" question. Something like this, I expect:
Choose one: I want a free choice to freely sell my barley in a free market with other freedom-loving farmers in a global alliance of free people.


I want government bureaucrats and Ottawa fatcats telling me what to do with my property and dictate to me the price at which I can sell my barley. I am not a man, but a sheep.
And the Blogging Tories say..."Amen".
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